Kitty Molds and More

Jun 30 2009: I am always on the lookout for stuff that is cool, beautiful, fun, wacky or attracts my attention in some other way. Recently I found three that just made me smile.

wowchicken: The muffin mold are perfect for a party or to make a cute birthday cupcake. I should get one of those.
Kjeld Duits: Hi Jini, they are quite reasonably priced at J-List, I thought. Links to the shopping pages are below the article if you are really interested.
Jini: ooh, i totally love the cloth sandal !!! i totally wanna buy them, i love the colours too (: and the hello kitty muffin mold is cute too XD

Hello Kitty Muffin Mold

Personalized Umbrellas

Jun 29 2009: We are in the middle of the Rainy Season in Japan. Umbrella time! I often use the cheap vinyl ones that you buy at convenience stores. They are cheap, but impossible to distinguish from other umbrellas. Now there is a fix!

Kjeld Duits: @Charlotte: I have lost quite a few umbrella’s myself. I am not sure though if we would be considered Heavy Umbrella Users… For that you have to use a lot of them.
Charlotte: “This is also great for people who are dismissively categorized in Japan as 「ビニール傘ヘビーユーザー」Heavy Plastic Umbrella Users, people who repeatedly buy such an umbrella, forget it and end up buying a new one, over and over again.” Aw…they have a special insult for that? That’s just mean. Umbrellas are difficult to keep track of! …I have 2 broken umbrellas in my car alone!
freethelamps: So cute, but I wonder if it looks better with clear umbrellas like in the picture? and hopefully it will soon be available online.


Girl Next Door Skirts

Jun 17 2009: J-pop trio Girl Next Door‘s new single Infinity has a great video with brightly colored flair skirts over black petticoats. They look incredibly cute.

joeyoeyannanna: you could make them really easily!!
Jini: wow, they’ll def catch on!! i want one!! ;D but where to get them ? T___T
wowchicken: OMG!! This song is the closing theme of Atashinchi no Danshi, a japanese drama. I really like it. The skirts are so cute. I wish I could get myself a pair. They’ll really catch on.

Girl Next Door

Harajuku Shoot

Jun 15 2009: I went shooting again in Tokyo’s Harajuku. The rain limited the opportunities somewhat, but I still found some cool people.

Summer Ning: I love lolita so much!! awwww !! i like that girl~
Joeyoeyannanna: she’s really cute! i love her hair.
Kjeld Duits: Those rings are incredible, hey! I admire how they find them all.

Lolita Fashion

ECO Bag Madness

Jun 08 2009: Some 90 stores at Tokyo’s Laforet Harajuku are selling specially designed ECO Bags until June 21. JAPANESE STREETS found quite a few cool ones. Here is a selection:

Bianka Costa: I´d like to recieve news letter from you!!!I loved all things that you have!!!!!!!!I´m from Brasil, Sao Paulo
wowchicken: I LOVE them all. I especially like the one with the bunny on it, the teddy one, and the “fur fur” one. It’s really cute.
Joeyoeyannanna: Ooh i like them. they’re so unique.


Watch Your Head!

Jun 07 2009: Hair bands are usually worn high on the head, but since about last year an increasing number of Japanese women wear them on the forehead. Shades of 1960s hippiedom.

joeyoeyannanna: I tried the braid think across my head and it looked really cool!!
Kjeld Duits: Glad you found it helpful, Joeyoeyannanna.
Joeyoeyannanna: Woah! I love how it looks on the second picture. (the girl with the pink polka dotted head band). I never thought about braiding my hair like that. I should try it some time.


Takuya Angel Goodies

Jun 06 2009: I took photographs of some Takuya Angel goodies when I visited his shop in Harajuku a while back. Never got to posting them. But, here they are now. Cool stuff!

GenkiDamaXL: Acidently here… Scouter Rocks!!!
elisa kuipers: this is wonderfull sign by times
Kjeld Duits: @Withs: Only the LED lights up. I am not sure, if I understand your question “also are those metallic pipes in plastic tube?”

Takuya Angel Goodies

Chameleon Bag

Jun 02 2009: Some of my friends have closets full of bags. But they still buy more because none fit the new clothes they just bought. Now there is a chameleon bag, change colors any way you like.

tahti: they already had something like this here in the us since like 2 years ago
Kjeld Duits: I am like that, too! Love a bargain.
Joeyoeyannanna: Yeah i looked! thats awesome!!! but its too expensive! lol i usually only buy things if they’re on sale hahaha

Endless Bag
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