Timeless Cool

Aug 19 2009: Folding fans, or sensu, were invented in Japan some 1300 years ago. Air conditioners have been unable to defeat them. On the contrary, modern Japanese artists and designers gratefully embrace these elegant suppliers of cool.

Emiri: Oh, I love the modern teal one. very chic
wowchicken: A close friend of mine went to Japan and got one for me, and they’re really delicate. I LOVE the hello kitty one, especially the dangling strawberry heart.
Joeyoeyannanna: i love senshu! haha

Sensu folding fan

Eco Chopsticks Get Fancy

Aug 12 2009: Japan consumes 25 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks a year. Slowly these bland tree eaters are being replaced. Sleek, eco friendly and uniquely styled personal chopsticks are winning over hearts and restaurant tables.

wowchicken: Chopsticks are really cool though I don’t know how to use them. They’re all very trendy.
shauna-D: The designs are very unusual and cute. I really like the fact that they are Eco- friendly.
Jini: Stickpecker chopsticks have a nice design ^^ i like the “my hashi” most though, i love colours ;D

Japanese Chopsticks

T-shirts Take Over Tokyo

Aug 05 2009: TokyoMade has rummaged through Tokyo’s stylish wardrobe this week to pull out some of the funkiest t-shirts. A snapshot of high temperature fashion in the city.

An: Its so awesome… but I wonder what it would look like if the shirt had color prbly a grayish stripe with the shoelace once..?!
princess saj: cool T-shirts..i didnt know abt it thnks for the info…:)
Custom T-shirts: It is a very nice and good post. Keep up the good work.

UNIQLO Does Pac-Man

Jul 26 2009: Thirty years ago the video game Pac-Man was launched. It soon ruled the world. To celebrate the 30th anniversary, UNIQLO has collaborated with six Japanese and international artists to create some very cool limited edition t-shirts.

mizakiwa: These are so adorable <33 I would buy the first and second to last one xD
Jini: omg i love the last 4 ones !!!! pac-man was awesome!!! actually, it still is ;D

10 "Best" Products of '08

Jul 24 2009: Japan’s Yahoo Shopping last year December listed 10 products that Yahoo members just couldn’t resist. Although totally unrelated to fashion, I have been wanting to share this list with you for quite a while.

Joeyoeyannanna: Its ok for that haha it would just be weird though to be walking through the grocery store and see someone wearing that.
Kjeld Duits: @Joeyoeyannanna: It is originally worn outside with nothing over it. Female pearl divers in Japan wore it as late as the 1950’s, and nothing else. In matsuri (religious festivals) men still wear the fundoshi. Sumo wrestlers wear something similar. Fundoshi wouldn’t look out of place on any beach, or pool. I wore something similar when I participated in a matsuri many years ago. It was incredibly comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised. It was also extremely interesting to see that many women were clearly very strongly attracted to the men wearing the fundoshi.
Joeyoeyannanna: ok haha I was a little confused. As long as its a thing they don’t wear in public with nothing over it then i’m ok … lol that would be scary…

Summer in Osaka

Jul 20 2009: It has been a while since I last shot in Osaka’s Minami-Horie, so I went to my usual hang-out in this trendy fashion area to look for the latest trends.

wowchicken: I really like top with the black shawl or cardigan thingy, lol. It’s really cute.
Jini: OMG i LOVE that girls short pants !!! she pulls it of really well, i wouldn’t dare wearing such short pants D”:

Hats are Back!

Jul 20 2009: Hats have never really been away as the Japanese love their head wear, but Panama and Fedora style hats are back big time this year.

fulvia: have you ever seen FLU’S EAR hats? :D….really unique…
wowchicken: I LOVE fedora hats, I just hope the trend lasts longer than most other trends.
Kjeld Duits: In the Summer of 2003, the trend lasted for about 3 months. As the current recession makes people more careful about how they use their money, it may last longer. Or it may not... Fashion is a bit like the weather, tough to predict.;-)It is not too late to get yourself a cool hat for this Summer, though. Check out the Panama hats and Fedora hats for sale in our online store.

Show Your Heels!

Jul 15 2009: Cropped pants have been extremely popular with women the past few years. More and more men have taken to them as well. Especially this Summer, cropped pants for men are huge. Pardon the pun, but they’re cropping up everywhere.

wowchicken: Wow, cropped pants for men. Usually the girls get all the new looks, but now something for the men to wear too. Cool :)
Kjeld Duits: ANJJ: Yes, excellent observation! I photographed him before. I actually went through the archive for recent photos of cropped(-like) pants.
Joeyoeyannanna: yeah the last guy has nice ones too lol. The second row is a very classic cropped look. i don’t really like the top ones because they seem like they should be for girls >.< The guy in the middle in the fourth row has nice ones too
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