Harajuku & Osaka Trends

Sep 30 2009: As most of you have already noticed, we uploaded over 170 photos of street fashion in Tokyo’s Harajuku and Osaka’s Nakazaki-cho in September.

japangrl1109: OMG i <3 Japan even tho im not japanese but im writin an article 4 my school and this site is perfect!!!! GO TOKYO!
Kjeld: Thanks, wowchicken. I am running a bit behind with the articles…
wowchicken: I saw them, and posted my comments. I really like some of them. :)

Roving Select Shop

Sep 23 2009: Supporting independent trends and straying from mainstream department store aesthetic, a new form of select shop is popping up in Tokyo.

wowchicken: Aren’t the shoes at the top awesome?!? I like how they all have unique designs, nothing you see here.

Paper Art: Too Cool for School

Sep 02 2009: Gone are the days of simply folding small paper cranes on old school desks. Designers and artists are re-engineering the Japanese art of origami and bringing paper to life with urban graphics, 3D shapes and street designs.

Aimee: I love it! Another fun one is Blackpio, which often offers paper crafts to download and make. I am becoming a paper folding nut!
mizakiwa: Whoa!! I really like Personality Filled Paper Figures xD It’s so crazy looking~ The eye looks awesome!
Snowflake: These are so good! I especially love those paper birds with the kawaii text bubbles :)

Back to School Backpack

Aug 29 2009: You know those square backpacks that Japanese elementary school students lug around? Cool! In Harajuku, you occasionally see somebody who has dug one from the depths of a closet and uses it as a supercool street fashion accessory.

heather: it`s so expensive to buy these kind of bags..but i really like it for my daughter as starting her elementray school this year.
mizakiwa: These are soo cute~ I love seeing these on elementary kids :3 At least there’s some use to them when you get older too xD
wowchicken: So cool! I like the first one with the bow. Its really adorable. Way to stand out at school.


Backpack Frenzy

Aug 29 2009: Japanese love their backpacks, there is a huge selection of backpacks in this country. I found a few on eBay store 2 Sweet Shop that are just as playful and fun as the ones that I photograph on the streets of Harajuku and Amerika Mura.

mizakiwa: I wish I saw this earlier DD: I bought a tote bag online instead because I couldn’t find a cute backpack online xD But these backpacks are really cute~ Especially the first and last one!!
wowchicken: The one with the chain is soooooooooooo cute. I love it, I need a bookpack anyways before school starts.
Katie: I would have done anything for that first one with stars and the chain when I was in school! I would have attached it to my wallet chain – sugoi


The Great Kimono Revival

Aug 26 2009: Designers are reclaiming traditional Japanese kimono to create a new look: Kimono Chic.

wowchicken: ooooooooooooh, very exquisite designs :)


Shots from Osaka

Aug 25 2009: It is still hot Summer weather in Osaka, which is at about the same latitude as North Africa. It is visible on the streets in this city. Although Japanese are well-known for dressing a bit ahead of the next season, fashion here still worships the Summer.

Kjeld Duits: wowchicken: Back in the 70s?
wowchicken: My mom said she used to wear a lot of maxis when she was young. They’re trendy with comfort. :)
Jini: yeah! specially with nice accessories ^^


Cat Calls

Aug 20 2009: As young Japanese are discovering that traditional Japanese items can be pretty cool, classic goodies seem to be popping up in trendy stores everywhere. The beckoning cat, an old main-stay, is especially calling hard!

Kjeld Duits: The golden ones are amazing!
mizakiwa: Lol, I have some of these cats in my house xD One on the tv and two on the shelves. We have a golden colored one too 8D
Jini: scary story ? haha i love your reports ^^ waiting for new pics though o;

Maneki Neko
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