Men Take a Higher Stance

Mar 24 2010: Japanese men are going for high heels on their footwear.

Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: I have always been in love with the male clothes of the European Renaissance period; I would love it if some of that flamboyance could be reintroduced into menswear. When I look at what male Japanese office workers wear, I feel depressed. They all look like grey mice who have been locked up too long and have lost all enthusiasm for life. Not a thread of imagination left…
kagitsune: @Kjeld: I agree. Fashion is a cycle in so many ways, including which gender wears the brighter, more ostentatious clothing. Men’s jeweled buttons of the past come to mind…
Kjeld Duits: @a*@rayis: Absolutely agree, although I think we’re in a period of time when gender lines in fashion are about to change again. So the idea of what constitutes a male or female look may become very different over the next 50 years or so. Looking back, much of what European men wore through the 1600s and 1700s would be considered quite feminine today.

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Tokyo "Hair Style"

Feb 18 2010: Ever wished you could instantly change your hairstyle? These funky accessories make it possible.

Kjeld Duits: Yeah, I just mentioned that to Deanne’s boyfriend. I wonder if they adopted it for the meaning “darling” or “little treasure.” But it is quite a surprise to find Dutch in a Japanese company name.
Jini: haha ‘schatje’ design? that’s a dutch word… any connection? or random coincidence? hmm i like the designs though! but i don’t think i would wear it…

Tokyo Hair Style

Nice finds at Osaka's HEP5

Feb 17 2010: HEP5 is one of Osaka’s most popular fashion malls. We found some new arrivals here that we liked.

Kjeld Duits: Yes, the one-piece sleepwear is really cute!
Jini: i also like the red sneakers~ also the one-piece sleepwear, i don’t know but i have a weakness for cute prints
Kjeld Duits: Absolutely! HEP5 is so much fun. Even for just window shopping, visiting Starbucks, or riding the giant Ferris Wheel. @Joedzilla: Start saving money for your wife’s shopping trips! (^_-)


Latest Street Photos

Dec 23 2009: Emi and I have been shooting again. The first batch of photos can now be seen.

tokyofied: ooh nice, japanese fashion styles are always so unique
Kjeld Duits: I am also super excited. I am working on the new design all day. But after each break I go like “WOW!”
Jini: haha wow what a coincidence, i was just wondering how you were today and you post up a new blog ^^ well i’m super exited, can’t wait for the new JS =D i’m really looking forward to daily updates!!


Men Go For Skirts

Nov 16 2009: Japanese men are finally breaking through one of the few remaining fashion taboos: men wearing skirts and dresses.

rk jain: please update
raulf: Las faldas por anatomia, le favorecen mas a los varones.Las faldas, y los vestidos con falda para los caballeros estan de moda, y ademas por salud, y comodidad son una necesidad. El pantalon y sus accesorios son una tortura; ninguna parte del cuerpo de un varon se magulla, o se maltrata tanto como los genitales; y luego padecen de: impotencia, esterilidad, problemas de prostata, y posiblemente cancer del testiculo. Las ingles de los hombres son muy maltratadas, por el tiro del pantalon, elcalzoncillo boxer, y el cinturon (que sirve de torniquete, y produce mala irrigacion sanguinea, afectando el aparato digestivo, el sistema urinario, el aparato reproductor, y mucho mas. Lo mas indicado para vestirce un hombre es una falda o un vestido con falda; asi protegera su virilidad Las molestias, y las incomodidades que produce el uso del pantalon produce irritabilidad, enojo e ira. La tortura que produce el pantalon, y sus accesorios(calzoncillo boxer, la correa o cinturon que sirve de torniquete, y el tiro, que tira, lacera y lastima por delante o por detras, pero de todos modos tira, hala, e incomoda todo el tiempo); hacen que los hombres se comporten con agresividad, pues no se dan cuenta de donde proviene su malestar e insatisfaccion. El pantalon y sus aperos parecn mas unsistema tortuoso de castidad, que una prenda de vestir. Lo mas adecuado, comodo y saludable para vestirce un varon es una falda o un vestido con falda. El pantalon es un atropello contra la virilidad. La falda es todo, salud y comodidad y virilidad
Kjeld Duits: @Blake: Hey, a once a year comment sounds good to me. By the way, I edited your comment a little so it’s easier to read. The solid block of text was a bit intimidating. ^_-


Harajuku Trends

Nov 16 2009: Emi and I shot a lot of new photos of street fashion in Tokyo’s Harajuku.

Kjeld Duits: @jaderdavila: I have never seen kaftans made of chiffon. But in October/November the weather can already be pretty cool in Tokyo, so I think the kaftan is just fine.
jaderdavila: kaftan is so great! the boy used a heavy fabric. is it warm for the fall? is there a light fabric for the summer, like chiffon?
Keke: I love Japanese Fashion. Rock-On!!!***


Street Goes Official

Nov 14 2009: While shooting in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku, I noticed there is a whole new trend in headgear. Uniform hats and caps—and anything else that even looks slightly official—are red hot.

Kjeld Duits: @Ari: Would love to know the origins.
Ari: The one with the blue rim is pretty similar to the hat part of the couleur (flag colour items) of a German Studentenverbindung (fraternity). Actually, it’s just the same shape as an old-fashioned university student’s cap. They have these in Scandinavia too, though, so it’s not quite sure if this one’s German after all.
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Davey. I like the postman’s cap. I think it’s really cute.


Going to the Max

Oct 02 2009: As I wrote several weeks ago, maxi dresses were big this Summer. I created a special section with just a few of the maxi dresses I ran into the past few months.

louie marie: maxi dress are really cute specially when their designs are really on the go but sometimes you have to agree with the weather. Check out this one you can find some good stuff and hints about fashion.
wowchicken: I can’t wear maxis this year anymore, its really gotten cold here. I hope its still in next year.

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