Japanese Grab for Masks

May 17 2005: Paul delves into the trend of hiding behind masks

Kjeld Duits: I am sorry, Maria. I have no idea where the mask comes from…
maria vera: I have a small gift store in caracas , venezuela and I am interested in buying the mask printed in your article for my store, can you help me ? thanks maria
Karneval Masque: As a company dedicated to bringing the art of mask wearing front and center in the fashion world, I am excited to read your experience and opinions! – Nicole

50504-0790: Japanese Woman Wearing Mask

Ayumi Hamasaki's Figurines

Jul 31 2003: Ayumi Hamasaki has been a top star for longer than many other J-pop artists. Most fade away after just a few seasons. Not Hamasaki

Ayupan Figures

Tokyo Street Fashion

May 31 2003: Over the past few years we have seen increasing numbers of American and European fashion designers, in-house designers, merchandisers, and so on coming to Tokyo because of their acute interest in what is happening here.

Barbara Tanaka: I’m desparately looking for the name of a Japanese clothing magazine that has directions on making a basic cardboard pattern for designing my own clothes. Can someone help me?
aiwo: if have any thing simple and nice … send me a email. . thks
jessie: i am doing a report about the style and fashion in tokyo…please email me more pictures and info on the fashion in tokyo

Kabaya Japanese Hero Collection

Dec 02 2002: Japanese producers of sweets and candy often pack their goodies with little presents, so-called o-make. These o-make regularly become the one and only reason to buy the candy.

Carolina Loera: you know were in USA can I buy kabaya candies retail or wholesale, I´ll appreciate to much if you can share this with me on GRACIAS :9
Kjeld Duits: Ashley, these figures were sold already quite a while ago so it will be difficult to find them. But I did find some at the Japanese Yahoo Auctions. You’ll need Japanese, though and a friend in Japan, because the seller won’t ship internationally… Complete set at Yahoo Auctions All Kabaya Japanese Hero auctions at Yahoo Auctions More Kabaya Goods at Yahoo Auctions Historical figures at Yahoo Auctions
Ashley: I was wondering if there was anyplace that sold/auctioned the entire collection.
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