The Perfect Lolita Make-Over

Dec 17 2013: Get a full Lolita make-over in the beating heart of Tokyo’s Harajuku

Kjeld Duits: @Kimi: Cute, eh!
Kimi: That’s a brilliant idea. Love the Alice in Wonderland Story book background!


Christian Dada Flagship Shop Opens in Harajuku

Oct 01 2013: Edgy designer brand Christian Dada opened its flagship shop in Harajuku last Friday. JAPANESE STREETS had a look

Samantha: I like the white embroidered jacket. And I definitely want to eat the little burgers. :)
mark dietrich: This shop and these fashions are exquisite and exquisitely presented. Good luck CHRISTIAN DADA!


Candy Colored Hairstyles

Jun 04 2013: Viva Cute Candy is a tiny hair salon, but it still manages to impact Harajuku fashion

Kjeld Duits: Yes, definitely an artist we want to succeed!
Juha: Hair art!
(: Monik :): I hope Iku will succeed :) This world definitely NEEDS more color! Go Iku! ^^

130601-3581 - Tokyo hair salon Viva Cute Candy

Fabulous Flea Markets in Japan

Jun 22 2011: Flea markets at Buddhist temples offer amazing deals and finds

Reinier Battenberg: Hi Kyeld, Surprised to see you’re still in Japan or maybe i’m not so surprised! Guess what: your flea markets sound great, but …… i’m interested is selling- not in buying. How do i join the selling crew? By the way: how’s your famdamily? Kai will graduate again, this time from UC, Davis. He’ll be here around new year’s. All the best!
Nita: Hi… I will go to Japan 30sept-8oct this year.. do you have any suggestions which flea market I should go? Preferable near osaka. Thanks!
Kjeld Duits: @Aniko Palko: One market in the Kanto Region that I have personally visited and can recommend if you don’t have time to check out many is Takahata Fudo “Gozareichi” Antique Fair. It is held on the 3rd Sunday each month from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The next fair will be on May 17th. There are about 120 vendors, including several selling kimono. It is near Takahata Fudo Station on the Keio Line (Map). By train from Atsugi you need to change trains three times and it takes about 70 minutes, but it is worth the trip. Check the train schedule with JORUDAN. For other markets, I suggest you check this excellent list of antique markets in Kanto. Have fun!

Used kimono at Japanese temple market

Art by the Meter

May 14 2010: We are all used to buying cloth and even space by the meter. But art by the meter? Tokyo based art gallery ART-Meter is making it a success.

Guerilla Embroidery: What a fabulous idea! As a textile artist (and not Japanese) I couldn’t take advantage of this, but maybe us Europeans will pick up the idea soon.
ayara: this is so cool! A new way of appreciating art =)
Kjeld Duits: I guess that non-flat art, like pottery and sculptures, could potentially be sold by volume, priced 10 by 10 by 10 centimeters.

"Snake" by Gunjyo

Cameras for Dreaming

Feb 14 2010: Japan is famous for its camera makers, but there is no other camera maker like Tokyo based PowerShovel.

Kjeld Duits: @Jini: Really? I buy lots of stuff from eBay, myself. I think 70% of my online purchase come from eBay, maybe even more. We’ll have to find another way for you to get nice stuff from Japan! (^_-)
Jini: thanks kjeld, but honestly i don’t really like to buy from ebay ):
Kjeld Duits: Hi Tom, if you are looking for Sony cybershot quality, these cameras don’t measure up. But if you just want to have fun with an unpredictable toy camera, than these are game. Toy cameras are about fun and unpredictability. And PowerShovel cameras also offer cool design. The wooden camera in Myanmar you mentioned enthralls me!

Blackbird, fly

Hundred Year Old Cool

Dec 25 2009: Antique kimono have become popular and it is now difficult to find nice ones at a good price. At Osaka’s Mei you’ll always find an excellent selection.

Kjeld Duits: Sandy, on internet I found an antique shop in Tomigusuku-shi, where they sell some old kimono. People at this shop may be able to suggest other shops where they specialize in kimono. Name: Naigai Address: 798-4 Onaga, Tomigusuku-shi, Okinawa (沖縄県豊見城市字翁長798-4) Phone: 098-851-2154 Map Google Map On one of the photos on their site the outside of the shop looks more like a garage than an antique dealer, but the photos of their interior are really nice. They are really cheap too. This page shows items selling from as low as JPY 500! (Be sure to click on the next link at the bottom.)
Kjeld Duits: Good question, Sandy. We have no contributors (yet) in Okinawa, and I haven’t been there for ages. So I don’t know. But I assume there must be used kimono shops there as well. Would love to hear from other readers!
sandy: Are there similar shops on okinawa or ishigaki?


Bags with Character

Dec 18 2009: “We only use leather with character for our bags,” says bag creator Mitsuko Fujiwara.

Studio Style M.M: cooperation
Nao Okamura: They also have some silver accessories:)
Jini: i love some of the bags, but i’m not a fan of leather…

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