Toji Temple Market Overwhelms Your Senses

Jul 24 2013: Kyoto has some of the best antique and flea markets in Japan. One of the most fascinating ones is the Toji Temple Market

Kjeld Duits: @Zjonni: She was so cute, I could have watched her for hours. I’m sure she’ll be an awesome photo journalist one day! ^_-
Zjonni: Oh my goodness everything is so amazing and beautiful! :0 I would spend hours trying to see everything! And I love that cute little girl in the red hat with her little camera C: She might be a photo journalist one day!
Kjeld Duits: @Stef: Until last Sunday I never had to stay in Kyoto, because I lived nearby, so I’m afraid I can’t really recommend any place. But it is quite easy to find reliable information on the net about lodgings in Kyoto.


Wonderful Japanese Antiques, Hidden Away at Yoyogi Park

Jul 01 2013: Find something old and special—or new and artsy—at Yoyogi Oedo Antique Fair, held monthly at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park

mary: thank you!
Kjeld Duits: @mary: Those are kokeshi.
mary: do you know what those wooden dolls are called? i have one and i dont know anything about it, its the 21st picture down


Tokyo's Coolest Flea Market

May 30 2013: The L and R often give trouble to Japanese ears, and many people aren’t quite sure whether it’s the Yoyogi Free Market, or Flea Market. Either way, it’s the best market in Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Peter hernqvist: The flea market I introduced on this page is not planned for April. But there are other markets. See the links in the previous comments.
Peter hernqvist: Hi! Is there any flea market in Yoyogi in april?
Kjeld Duits: @Cindy: See the scheduled flea markets for April 13th at APRIL 2014 (scroll down) and TokyoRecycle (Japanese, so you may need to use Google Translate).


Tokyo Reality

Jul 23 2010: Sometimes it requires an outsider to give an insightful view on a city. Like this wonderful footage of Tokyo

Planete Maneki: Very nice video ! I didn’t watch it before and that’s great ! Thanks for the interview as well.
Kjeld Duits: @Greg: I find that very inspirational, Greg! What kind of work are you doing?
Greg: This movie actually forced me to move back to Tokyo. I lived there for 10 years until 1996 but after being gone 14 years this video just opened feelings of longing to get back I couldn’t ignore. It turned out to be the right time and i was able to get a great job in a building overlooking the Shibuya crossing.

Tokyo Reality

Harajuku - An Introduction

May 08 2010: A brief introduction to Harajuku, Japan’s center of youth culture and street fashion.

Kjeld Duits: @Keekii: Yes, it is great fun!
Keekii: Great video. I must visit Harajuku as soon as I come to Japan! I think I’ll go crazy with my camera xD and my wallet will probably be empty when I leave the place! It must be wonderful for you to be able to walk those streets with so many fashionable people every day - I envy you!

100331-9156: Takeshita-dori in Harajuku, Tokyo

Japan's Down Under

Apr 03 2010: Japanese street fashion is synonymous with Harajuku. Some know Osaka’s Amerika Mura. But, who has ever heard of Fukuoka City?

suzanne: hey sierra….I wanna see some more stuff….: )
Sierra: Thanks Sherry!! I’ll try to make you guys proud hehe
Kjeld Duits: Haha, nice to see you are so loved back home, Sierra!

Tokyo Time Lapse

Feb 24 2010: Recently, time lapse videos have become very popular on YouTube. I found quite a few nice ones of Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Shinu: Thanks! I was very happy to discover them.
Shinu Kinomi: WOW this is amazing, it’s so beautiful :D
Jini: i love time lapse movies! but they make me feel like time never stops (well it doesn’t.. but the feeling >__<) makes me feel tiny in this world…

Tokyo Time Lapse
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