100% Pure Osaka Street Funk

Mar 01 2003: True funk in front of Osaka’s largest train station


More Fun on the Computer

Feb 02 2003: Hideki Itoh is not a street artist like the other artists that are introduced on these pages. He is obviously more matured, but his art is also not traditional street art.

"I am Not an Artist..."

Jan 02 2003: Artist Sayaka Adachi’s women are emotionless, almost sulky. Their eyes stare straight ahead into emptiness.


Apple Japan's Super Cute Momoko Kikuchi

Jan 01 2003: Apple’s Switch commercials are adored by some, hated by others. But the people that love these ads, love them bad.

Momoko Kikuchi in Apple Commercial

Nishimura's Wonderful War of Words

Dec 01 2002: Takashi Nishimura (1973) is often compared with illustrator Mori Chack. Amazingly, the two do share a lot.

The Cute Pink Bear with Blood on its Claws

Nov 01 2002: The character Gloomy the Bear is the most horrible nightmare you can ever fall in love with

Jasmine: I think it’s really cool how he started. I personally can’t draw at all:(
misa: yup yup.. very kawaii.. but i also would prefer if it was a vampire yo n vampires r like frikin hot
ally: i love the bear but make it a vampire next time not a bear i mean make a human vampire next time a hot one that the girls will love to have if it were real their boyfriend

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