Runway for Japan

May 19 2011: Over 40 Japanese fashion designers and 100 models held a fashion show for Japan’s tsunami victims

Sylvia: I love the white dress !. It feels very light but so authentic to the asian style. LIKE!
Pearl: This is such a great cause and I love the Asian style.
Kjeld Duits: @gionbaby: Glad you like the interview! It felt good to do some fashion again after all the disaster coverage.

110515-4976: Runway for Japan

The Fairy Tale Style of Dolly Kei

Mar 04 2011: Grimoire is one of the originators of Dolly Kei fashion, a style that matches the stories of the Grimm Brothers.

Ana: Yeah…I’m not seeing much of a difference btw.mori girl and dolly kei. Anyone care to explain? Is mori less folk-costume inspired?
Jini: Interesting style, it’s vintage combined with unusual items, smart fashion :) Watching this vid made me homesick to Japan :( when the guy talks it sounds like a tourist programme, I could watch those all day… sigh…
Arc: @Kjeld TPO true true, true true.

Canada Welcomes Japanese Sub-Culture Stars

Jun 16 2010: Canada’s Anime North welcomed fashion designer Takuya Angel and singer Selia last month. JAPANESE STREETS’ Theo Rallis was there to record their impressions.

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Berry.
Berry: Selia<3 Interesting article. :D

Selia and Takuya Angel at Anime North

Are You Hangry & Angry?

May 12 2010: A stuffed animal transformed into a nuclear bomb to destroy the world. A hospital from which patients leave in coffins. Welcome to the world of Japanese designer Gashicon

Kjeld Duits: @Julia: Actually, I always thought the two characters were genderless. During the many hours that I spoke with Gashicon, she never ever said he or she when referring to Hangry and Angry. She was extremely careful to use genderless expressions. Unfortunately, in English you do have to choose a gender, so I ended up using he. Unless you are talking about the singers Hangry and Angry of course. They are clearly girls. Anyway, next time I meet Gashicon I will ask her about the gender of these two characters.
Teretetetet: Inspiring!! Thanks for bringing us fantastic interviews!!

Hiromi Saito Brings Age-Old Kimonos into Your Daily Life

Mar 17 2010: Hiromi Saito, creator of the B.S.E.T.C range, takes treasured vintage kimono and turns them into stylish and contemporary accessories

B.S.E.T.C article pic

Noriko Fujiwara in Nowadays Weekly Shoot

Mar 17 2010: Fashion Model Noriko Fujiwara in magazine shoot for Nowadays Weekly

Fashion Model Lena Fujii

Mar 10 2010: Four video clips of Japanese fashion model, singer, and actress Lena Fujii

Kjeld Duits: Yes, absolutely. I always laugh when I see Western posing; I have gotten so used to the Japanese way! I am sure that people who have never yet seen Japanese posing are just as amused.
Sierra Sroka: This was so interesting! Japanese posing is so different from American model posing. That element of cute is so important in selling the image and clothing here.
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, nanaa, I thought it was nice to see someone doing her daily things.

Toast Girl Toast of Tokyo

Feb 20 2010: Tokyo is full of surprises. A delightful one is Toast Girl, who is becoming increasingly popular.

Toast Girl
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