10th Tokyo Girls Collection

Feb 16 2010: The 10th Tokyo Girls Collection will be held on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the Yokohama Arena. It will show Spring and Summer fashion.

Jini: wow wish i would be lucky to go to a fashion show that’s open for “regular” people…

Tokyo Girls Collection 2010 SS

Japan Fashion Week A/W 2010

Feb 15 2010: From March 23 through 26, Japan Fashion Week will take place in Tokyo. JAPANESE STREETS will be there.

Rosebud: OH i really want to be here so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck my Japan Fashion Week. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please give me all the greatest pictures, Japanese streets xxxxxxxxxxxxx


JAPANESE STREETS 3.0 — What's New?

Feb 14 2010: Welcome to JAPANESE STREETS 3.0. The site has been completely redesigned and we will also update far more often than in the past. What is new?

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, wowchicken! Appreciate your nice words.
wowchicken: I LUV it <3 Its really easier to navigate. Thanx for changing it up :)
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, aragornital! After all the work, it is wonderful to hear that the design appeals to so many people.



Jan 14 2010: It has been a bit quiet with updates at JAPANESE STREETS as we are getting close to releasing JAPANESE STREETS 3.0. Expect some very exciting changes.

Kjeld Duits: It is really cool! We will try our best to distract you as much as possible. (^_-)
Jini: yay! i’m also using a big screen, so i’m wondering how the wider site will look like __ but yay~ daily updates!! that will be really distracting for me XD


JFW S/S 2010 Visitors

Dec 23 2009: A few people we ran into at the Japan Fashion Week S/S 2010

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, m nany. I was actually amazed how much of a difference the shoe laces made…
m nany: awesomee.!! i likee this one!♥ x


TokyoMade Market

Dec 16 2009: Japan-based creators share their latest fashion, accessories and art at the TokyoMade Market in Shibuya.

Jini: oh i see some amazing items, i really love markets~ and the tokyomade market has so much to offer too (:


6 Quirky Holiday Gifts from Japan

Dec 09 2009: Grab some fun gifts from Japan this holiday season.

wowchicken: I know!! I kibda want the ice bag holder, lol even though I don’t get sick that iften. Anywayz, the kawaii hat is too cute :)
Jini: hahaha amazing! i just love those japanese random items :D and actually i think the ear scope is quite interesting x;

quirky holiday gifts

Bento Crash Course

Nov 30 2009: Forced by economic reality, more and more people are brown-bagging it these days. Why not learn from the Japanese and put some style and creativity into your mobile lunch? Some recommended Japanese books on the celebrated bento.

wowchicken: Wow, it is like a owrk of art. So creative and looks like beautifully sculptered food :) Its looks tasty too. Yum :)
Kjeld Duits: Good point about the eating healthy part! Bento should be promoted as a fun way to eat healthy. I am a bento addict myself. Because I have many food allergies eating processed food can cause me lots of trouble. Bento makes my life so much better!
Jini: wow they can make art of everything O___O even bento?! it looks to pretty to eat XD wish i had the time and creativity to make myself a lunch box in the morning DX Japanese people eat so healthy, i think that’s really admirable these days.

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