Bath Japanese Festival

Apr 01 2010: Japanese paper art, film and poetry head to the UK for the Bath Japanese Festival.

Alan Summers: Not quite sure why some text has a line through it? ;) But just want to say thanks for supporting the festival! ;) all my best, Alan
Alan Summers: It would be great wouldn’t it? ;) Maybe next year when the festival can be planned over a whole year unlike this first festival which came together within two months. ;) Thanks for promoting the festival! ;-) all my best, Alan
Kjeld Duits: Hi Alan, that would be incredibly cool! You should look into it; it would probably create an additional stream of income for the festival.

Bath Japanese Festival 2010

Beautiful Clock People

Mar 19 2010: Asking what the time is gets a whole new meaning with this fun Japanese iPhone app

ojisanbaka: woho, this looks cool! i want! and seems someone was a bit bored.. but brings back a feeling of humanity ne..


Let Your Friends Grow Old in Seconds

Mar 18 2010: One of Tokyo’s finest iPhone development studios has brought out an app that will make your fashionista friends cringe

Kjeld Duits: I am with you, Jini. I think this app is a bit creepy. If it were more realistic, it could be kind of nice to see what the future holds perhaps…
Jini: i don’t know whether to think that’s cool or not… XD it’s kinda scary… i was already unhappy growing older this year…. and that app makes you like… older by ages…

Deanne on Japanese TV

Mar 17 2010: JAPANESE STREETS’ Deanne Tonking has recently been invited to several Japanese TV programs.

Kjeld Duits: You’re welcome, Deanne!
Deanne: Thank you so much for writing about all the TV and hooping fun I have been having lately! :)

Barneys Japan and H&M Open in West Japan

Mar 07 2010: Barneys Japan launches a new collection in Kobe with British model Agyness Deyn; H&M opens in Osaka

Agyness Deyn

Japanese Street Fashion Movies

Feb 23 2010: Starting February 24, 2010, JAPANESE STREETS starts publishing street fashion movie clips.

Fashion Wars Come to Harajuku

Feb 22 2010: A new fast fashion company enters the fray in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku.

green arrow jacket: that is awesome
Jini: Yeah, it will be difficult, but I think they’ll do fine, there are plenty of Japanese women who don’t want to look over the top right? I think this ITsI is a perfect brand for office women? Who want to wear fashionable yet comfy clothes? (: (btw yay for mailbutton!!! i wanted to suggest that, but that’s no longer needed o)
Paul McInnes: Hi Jini. Yeah – the clothing looks ok – basic and comfortable. But, like you, I think they have many strong competitors. Will be intersting to see how they do in the next year or so. I think it will be difficult for them.

I.T.’S International Fashion

Athletes Facing Fashion Ban

Feb 21 2010: It was huge news in Japan last week, when snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo was banned from the opening ceremony of the Olympics for his fashion style. Now Japan’s synchronized swimmers face a fashion ban.

Kjeld Duits: @T. Mark: The Japanese government’s very point is that Japanese athletes are not allowed to show their individuality in artistic ways with jewelry, hair, nails etc.. As written above: Japanese swimmers will not be allowed anymore to sport brightly decorated fingernails, dyed hair or piercings, Japanese officials have decided. Not only when abroad, but also when competing inside Japan. It is a total ban.
T. Mark: Interesting article. I don’t think that wearing a uniform ‘improperly’ or looking like a slob when representing your country at a world class sporting event (that was in VANCOUVER, BC CANADA by the way) has anything to do with style… it has EVERYTHING to do with RESPECT. In a very public situation where the eyes of the world are on you and you are representing your country…. I feel it’s very acceptable to ‘tow the line’ and wear the uniform as required in order to have everything about the team represent their country in a POSITIVE light. (besides… who’s paying for the uniform? just sayin…) One can have ‘individual’ style and still sport a ‘uniform’ proudly. Lets remember that it IS a ‘uniform’ and as the very definition of the word explains… to ‘look alike’! An athlete can be clean, wear a uniform smartly and still show their individuality in artistic ways with jewelry, hair, nails etc.
kagitsune: You’re right, this is incredibly contradictory. Japan does have a strong “stick up for the group” mentality though… maybe they want to separate their pop culture “Cool Japan” from their more serious industry and sports? The times are a-changing…

Japanese Nail Art
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