Photo Essay • Nari Yamashina 1

May 26 2010: Tokyo based fashion photographer Nari Yamashina starts this week with her first photo essay for JAPANESE STREETS

petitesam: Great viewpoints, really really brilliant. Can’t wait to see more!
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By Nari Yamashina

Toronto Awaits Anime Assault

May 09 2010: Canada’s premier fan-run anime con, Anime North, is once again coming to Toronto

Anime North 2010

Your iPhone in Japanese Dress

Apr 25 2010: In spite of a slow start, the iPhone is now Japan’s must-have cell phone. That means there are some cool Japanese iPhone cases up for grabs

Kjeld Duits: @Jini: The Rilakkuma is my favorite, too. True Japanese kawaii. ;-)
Jini: I don’t owe a iPhone (not planning to get one either x: ..) but those cases are cute! Specially the Rilakkuma one~!
Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Clea! I hope you have an iPhone, so you can actually dress it up the Japanese way. ;-)


Japan Fashion Now in New York

Apr 24 2010: New York’s famed fashion Museum, The Museum at FIT, will curate an exhibition on recent Japanese fashion this September: Japan Fashion Now

Maria: Good news, the show will be until april, it was a hit so it’s going to stay some more time :3
Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: I really enjoyed talking with her, and found she was quite well-informed. Found the Gothic exhibition. Beautiful stuff. WIsh I could have visited… Thanks for the tip!
kagitsune: @Kjeld: That’s good. :) Ms. Steele seems like she has a really open mind to unique fashion. Did you see the Gothic exhibit they did last year? (If you didn’t, you can see part of it online) @Jini: I checked out your blog. Keep working towards that dream of fashion design!! I’ll do my best over her in NYC! ^ o ^/


Japanese Long Johns Go Mode

Apr 13 2010: When you think of Long Johns, being cool and fashionable doesn’t come to mind. Think again!

eustasio v camacho: my wife is Japanese and she is looking for the typical Japanese (medias) to keep the body warm. let know wher I can find them
Kjeld Duits: @Arc: I am with you. When I saw this first I had a strong feeling of recognition—it didn’t feel like it was something radically new. More like concepts for outerwear applied to undies.


World Cosplay Summit 2010

Apr 12 2010: Japan is getting ready for the 8th World Cosplay Summit

Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: By now you have probably noticed that we’ve got quite a few images of cosplayers in our photo-archive, but I have added this link just in case. Yes, the Japanese government began supporting a lot of pop culture events after Foreign Policy magazine ran the article Japan’s Gross National Cool in 2002, a very influential article by Douglas McGray. That article made the term Cool Japan super cool!
kagitsune: I had no idea WCS was sponsored in part by the Japanese government. That’s… kind of amazing. o_o It actually used to be my dream to perform at WCS. I don’t know… someday? ** searches the photo archive for cosplay **



Apr 10 2010: VOGUE highlights JAPANESE STREETS in a feature about fashion blogs from all over the world

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Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Sierra.
Sierra: Felicitación Kjeld! La Vogue Francais…c’est grande choses!


Behind the Scenes at the JFW

Apr 01 2010: Some views of the Japan Fashion Week that you never get to see

Kjeld Duits: @kagitsune: Thanks!
kagitsune: Insightful and humbling. I really appreciate the fashion week photographers, designers, models, and employees so much more now. Wow.
gionbaby: Cool! (^_~)

Cleaning the runway at ENTOPTIC
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