Color on the Catwalk: S/S 2012

Oct 26 2011: Red, yellow, orange, green, blue and white jumped out during the S/S 2012 collections of the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo


Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo S/S 2012

Oct 18 2011: JAPANESE STREETS is once again covering the Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

Ben: ya that was what i think so :(
Kjeld Duits: @Ben: It is invitation only, and invitations are sent out in advance.
Ben: hi can i join the fashion shoot this week? is it open for public?

111017-7171: G.V.G.V. S/S 2012

rooms September 2011 - Part 3

Sep 29 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Maria: KD, when I get to Japan, I’m going to stay immigrant there and work as your assitant! :D

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011 - Part 2

Sep 26 2011: More impressions from our visit to rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Stella Ho: this is nice!! i love japan fashion too! the wedding growns look so great!
Kjeld Duits: @Makoto Rexrode: It is only open to people in the fashion business and the press, not the general public, so it is easy to miss. Basically, invitation only. I was started in 2000, so it has been around for a while now. H.P. France organizes it.
Makoto Rexrode: I never knew this kind of event when I lived in Tokyo 9 years ago. I wish I were there. I love Japanese fashion!

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

rooms September 2011

Sep 19 2011: JAPANESE STREETS visits rooms, Tokyo’s most popular fashion trade show

Jenny Wood: Hi, I am a journalist writing for a UK fashion magazine. I would love to get in touch with the person who compiles this blog. Could you email me please at Thanks! Jenny

110913-0453 - rooms at Yoyogi Stadium, Shibuya, Tokyo

Fashion as a Way of Life

May 30 2011: To a large number of Japanese, fashion is not about clothes, it is a way of life

Matt: I`m living in Osaka City now for 6 years and run a t-shirt print shop there. As a matter of fact we are not far from Amerika Mura and to be honest I can`t think of any credible fashion trend that has originated there. The whole area of Amerika Mura is just a complete nightmare and does my head in.
Leah B.: That pic used for the dolly kei example is the very first one to pique my curiosity about the style. Ah, the budding of a new love… <3
Kjeld Duits: @Alejandro: Come and visit Tokyo. I think you will feel at home right away. ^^


Luscious Leggings

Dec 20 2010: Imaginative leggings are hot on the streets of Harajuku

anuradha: this is great i was wondering if this style can be introduced in Turkey with Japon Style
Musical Shark Attack: I really like the leggings, I only own one type of leggings that are very thin and made for skiing(hitech keep you warm stuff) they are just white. GF always giggles when she sees me watching the television wearing them. I would like a few other pairs like the coloured ones from your selection. Though I could wear them with really baggy shorts on a cool day, would be awesome. When I come to Japan I will definitely buy some. Is a real shame that western society is not a little more open minded. I really think western guys are generally stuck in an insecure mind set to try these. Scarey thought is that this pseudo-colonization of the mind has spread to all corners of the world, lets hope that Japan continues to be a beacon of light in the world of individual fashion statements.
Jini: o-m-g, I’mma sucker for leggings and I want all the above!!!

101002-7386 - Cheerful Japanese woman wearing colorful leggings

Rocking Horse Shoes in Harajuku

Dec 17 2010: Rocking horse shoes have become extremely popular in Tokyo’s Harajuku

Kjeld Duits: @hannah: Cool, I’m glad that you could find a pair that you like and that fit. Interesting to read that the people in Belgium are so surprised by these shoes. You’ll get them used to it. ^_-
hannah: I’ve got myself a pair and I really love them!! they are so comfortable and I try to wear them as often as I can, but I think people in Belgium don’t really seem to know them, because they will glaze at me with a rather confused look on their face ^^
Musical Shark Attack: I really like this style of female shoes I think they look very adorable. I am going to pester my girlfriend to get some. :) Thanks for the great work on this site.

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