Color on the Street: Red

Mar 06 2010: We are seeing a lot of red on the street


Hot Colors

Mar 03 2010: Which colors on Japan’s streets, or catwalks, are hot?

Kjeld Duits: @r.p: I got it as a free download quite a while ago. I can’t remember from where anymore.
r.p: wow that is a beautiful image. who is the photographer? i want it for my desktop photo. how was it created?
Kjeld Duits: Hi TorontoViewer, thanks for the tip on the page that gave the login message. Mystery solved and I have fixed the problem. I am sure a few more bugs will pop up over the next few days. I hope they can be solved just as quickly! In regards to gaijin. We usually only shoot Japanese, because we want to show Japanese fashion. But who knows? If Japan-based foreigners develop a look that can only be seen in Japan and if there is interest, this might be a policy we could change.

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