rooms 26 — February 2013

Feb 13 2013: One of Tokyo’s most important fashion exhibitions, rooms, is taking place at Yoyogi Stadium this week. JAPANESE STREETS went there today, and as always picked a few favorites

Kjeld Duits: @Whitney: Thank you! “Those dolls were so neat, too! Loooove…(drooling)” — Which ones? The codamatamago or MAMEDANQ dolls?
Whitney: I liked the traditional Japanese-feeling pieces a lot. And the hats, awesome! Those dolls were so neat, too! Loooove…(drooling)
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I liked Shintaro Haruna and Harue Nagamoto’s creations best of the three. Love the wood in Nagamoto’s items!


Color on the Street: Sparkling Champagne

Jan 16 2013: We always look for colors that we see a lot. This time we have chosen a color that is actually rare, but that we would love to see a lot more of: Champagne

NINA: wow~~ so fashionable
Sofia: Champagne is the color of Fashionable people ,that’s for sure :>

100 Coolest Harajuku Looks of 2012 — Straight from Tokyo

Dec 28 2012: From Mode to Lolita, the 100 coolest Harajuku looks of 2012

Kjeld Duits: Some beautiful things have been said in the comments. Thank you for sharing them. It is often said that avant-garde artists like Van Gogh, Mondrian, Dali and Picasso were ahead of their time. Of course they were not ahead. They were their time. It was the people that were behind and needed much time to catch up. It is the same with Japanese street fashion. The people on the streets of Tokyo live now, dress now. Their styles define what it means to live in Tokyo now. The rest of us, we are just playing catch up. ^_-
Kjeld Duits: @Joe: Beautifully said, Joe. Thank you.
Joe: Roberto, the clothes may be unusual but remember that not everything consists of being conventional- there’s an art in going outside the boundaries. For a long time people were upset at Mondrian and Picasso but now people understand them as arbiters of a new way of looking at the world. I respect your point of view but please do the same for others- there is no universal arbiter of taste. Perhaps if you consider the clothing here as a sort of public costume you’ll see it in a different light.

100 Coolest Harajuku Looks of 2012

Harajuku's Top Trends in 2012

Dec 21 2012: JAPANESE STREETS takes a look at 2012’s most popular Harajuku fashion trends

Kjeld Duits: @Sofia: I’m sure they’ll get there. ^^
Sofia: Why don’t we have stockings like that in Europe or in my case, Israel ?? So cool :>
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: Very welcome!


Color on the Street: Top Colors in 2012 for Girls

Dec 18 2012: With the year almost over, we look back at the most popular colors of the past year. This week the girls!

youkuku: good!

Color on the Street: Top Colors in 2012 for Guys

Dec 11 2012: The year is almost over. A good time to look back at the most popular colors of the past year. We start off with the guys!

Maria: Red was the best in guys! Awesome! :D

POP 'N' CUTE Celebrates Tokyo Fashion, Music and Art

Dec 10 2012: On May 3 of this year, we covered the POP ‘N’ CUTE party. These photos were meant to go up a long time ago… Better late than never!


Color on the Street: Cotton Candy

Nov 27 2012: Harajuku girls daydream themselves into a girlish world of Cotton Candy Pink.

maoshmao: Really love those fary-ish skirt!!
Si: Love the skirt in the last photo! Where can I find one of those outfit?
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