By Valerie Fujita

fur fur Spring/Summer 2011 - Princesses and Fairies

Nov 15 2010: Snow-White and other fairies in the forest…

Moncler: japanese streets ,fashion girl,hair style of the model all in good design..

A/W 2011: h.NAOTO

Nov 15 2010: h.NAOTO: Black widow or oriental inspiration?

62 Rules for Living in a Forest

Oct 01 2010: Four years ago, the Mori (Forest) Girl community was launched on Mixi. It has more than 60 rules. Valerie explains.

petra enloe: i think the “fair skinned” is a little racist. i feel like one can have dark skin and still look absolutely adorable dressed in the mori girl style
Kjeld Duits: @Lydianon: I must admit I am to familiar with Dark Mori, so can’t answer your question.
Lydianon: 2016 and I only just heard of Mori today. On Pinterest, looking at fashion I saw Dark Mori and wondered about the difference between Dark Mori and Goth. Thank you for this info. I have to have Google translate for me a bit here and there

Mori Girl by Valerie Fujita
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