By Theo Rallis

Japanese Designer in Canada Drops Feminine Touch

May 31 2011: Toronto based Japanese designer Hiroshi Awai muses on the differences in fashion between Canada and Japan

Hiroshi Awai, the Osaka-born creative director of CREEP

Canada Welcomes Japanese Sub-Culture Stars

Jun 16 2010: Canada’s Anime North welcomed fashion designer Takuya Angel and singer Selia last month. JAPANESE STREETS’ Theo Rallis was there to record their impressions.

Kjeld Duits: Thanks, Berry.
Berry: Selia<3 Interesting article. :D

Selia and Takuya Angel at Anime North

Toronto Awaits Anime Assault

May 09 2010: Canada’s premier fan-run anime con, Anime North, is once again coming to Toronto

Anime North 2010
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