By Paul McInnes

Fashion Wars Come to Harajuku

Feb 22 2010: A new fast fashion company enters the fray in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku.

green arrow jacket: that is awesome
Jini: Yeah, it will be difficult, but I think they’ll do fine, there are plenty of Japanese women who don’t want to look over the top right? I think this ITsI is a perfect brand for office women? Who want to wear fashionable yet comfy clothes? (: (btw yay for mailbutton!!! i wanted to suggest that, but that’s no longer needed o)
Paul McInnes: Hi Jini. Yeah – the clothing looks ok – basic and comfortable. But, like you, I think they have many strong competitors. Will be intersting to see how they do in the next year or so. I think it will be difficult for them.

I.T.’S International Fashion

Meet Banal Chic Bizarre

Feb 19 2010: Last year, I interviewed Shun Nakagawa and Ayano Ichige of Tokyo label Banal Chic Bizarre. We sat down at the café situated below their store in Harajuku.

MICKY: Dear Sir, With the recently successful launch of Chili into South East Asia, M4E is looking for an enthusiastic company to represent and distribute our fashion lines ofsilk scarf, vast selection of Tees, hooded, sweaters, skirt, dresses, ponchos,jumpsuits and leggings. M4Eis a new high uniquely funky fashion brand with trademark characters and graffiti styled designs. If you would like to represent and distribute any of our fashionproducts, please send your inquires to We look forward to your reply and thank you for your time. BestRegards, MickyMo
Kjeld Duits: Great interview, Paul. Thanks. Glad that we have some photos of people wearing Banal Chic Bizarre in our Photo-Archive.

Banal Chic Bizarre

Style Deficit Disorder

Jul 17 2008: A new book on Harajuku helps you dive deep into Japan’s coolest youth culture district.

Good Music, Fresh Visuals

Jul 11 2008: If you are based in or around Tokyo you should check out the “Tokyo. Ten” exhibition at Meguro’s recently renewed and super trendy boutique hotel – Claska. The show, which runs to July 27th, is the brainchild of W + K Tokyo Lab – a curious hybrid label specializing in music and visuals.

Marui O1O1 Internet Shopping

Dec 11 2007: Great news for Japanese fashion lovers. Marui (O1O1), one of the coolest department stores in Japan, has launched an international website in English, French and Japanese.

7/24x+18: başla hadi
melih: metin2 çin
David Tippie: I am searching for a Japanese manufacturer of water ionizers, can anyone help me?

mercibeaucoup Spring/Summer 2008 - Theatrical

Sep 16 2007: When you think of Japanese fashion, most think of multiple layering, cute patterns and innovation. This is exactly what mercibeaucoup does time and time again

Oranuch: Good Idea

DressCamp Spring/Summer 2008

Sep 16 2007: If you are a regular visitor to Japanese Streets you will know that we are big fans of Toshikazu Iwaya’s glamorous brand DressCamp.

Kino Spring/Summer 2008

Sep 16 2007: Tomoe Ishikawa’s Kino label, established in 1999, prides itself on “simple and sophisticated adult elegance”.
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