By Kjeld Duits

Book about Comme des Garçons

Dec 27 2005: Heibonsha Limited Publishers has published a book about famed Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons.

Kjeld Duits: @Yocelyn: You can get Unlimited Comme des Garçons at Amazon. The price has gone up since the book first came out, but you can get it at about the original price when you buy it used (through the above link). Seeing how much the price has gone up since I wrote this article in 2005, the book may actually be kind of a good investment. ^_-
Yocelyn: Hello, I would to ask where may I buy the book of comme does garçons here in US? Thank you very much.

Comme Des Garçons

Great Tokyo shops for used clothing

Aug 30 2005: A list of great shops for used clothing in Tokyo

Kjeld Duits: @Avery Brooks: None of the above shops, nor any that I personally know, carry clothes from the 1940s/50s. Used clothes in these shops are at the very oldest from the 1970s, but usually far more recent.
Avery Brooks: What prices should one expect for 40’s/50’s mens pants, suits, hats, ties shoes in Tokyo vintage (used) clothing shops? I collect and may be there in several months on other business.
Kjeld Duits: @AZ: Sorry that I wasn’t much help. Enjoy your visits to Koenji, Nakano Broadway, Musashino and Kichijoj!


Loincloth makes comeback

Jun 04 2005: The traditional Japanese loincloth, or fundoshi is making a comeback, writes the Japan Times today.

Nick: Export Fundoshi to America! You won’t go wrong.
juan: Hello, i like the japanese fashion style very much! Tanks for give me a view inside your culture.

Japan Fashion Week

May 31 2005: Japan will start a Fashion Week to better compete with well-established fashion cities like New York, Paris and Milan.

Kjeld Duits: @Wolldecke: In Japan the Fashion Week is still growing in popularity. But in 2005 it started from quite a low level of awareness.
Wolldecke: I am a designer from Germany. We have been at the Berlin Fashion Week. It was nice but there were not a lot of visitors this year. How were the shows in Japan this year?
Luben Romanov: Hello, My business partner is Deborah Lindquist, pioneer in Eco fashion in the US. Deborah is well known for her high end cashmere apparel and her clothing lines are worn by variaty of A list celebrities. We are very interested in working with Japanese distributors. Any good ideas? Thank you, Luben Romanov

Shaved Eyebrows Banned

May 16 2005: School bans four students with shaved eyebrows from opening day ceremony

Talia: Is it like…a status thing? I thought it was just fashionable. Some schools are just too strict…I like the subtle differences in people
Allie: I used to shave my eyebrows, but its only because I couldn’t afford to get them done properly. If the girls were smart they would just cut themselves a fringe to cover where you shaved your eyebrows. It worked for me. Except I looked retarted.
mmilk: stupid. crazy.


New book by Aoki: Fresh Fruits

Mar 29 2005: Fresh Fruits, a new book by Japanese street fashion photographer Shoichi Aoki now on sale!

zazygems: Fresh Fruits ROCKS , doing a project on it at the mo , OUTTA THIS WORLD !!!! :P
Melissa: I love fruits! i spent hours @ the book store staring in awe at the colorful fashions. These books are great and im trying to recreate this fashion into my own life
Rachael Anderson: I have fresh Fruits book. I love it and would REALLY love the same fashion sense however in Belfast…You would i repeat WOULD get shot!!! :(

Exporting Japanese pop culture

Jun 12 2004: At an intersection in the Orchard Road shopping district of Singapore, passers-by confront a giant billboard of the reigning pop diva of the day…

Cool Japan - クールジャパン

Graveyard Chic

Mar 20 2004: Asahi Shimbun published an article about gothic fashion. I feel that the article does not give a fully accurate view, but that makes the article all the more interesting…

Necro Dolly: Oh dear, the media again. Pathetic, i dress Lolita goth alot and i don’t want to kill my parents… I wear it because i like it and i love Japan and the Victorian era and it appeals to me. That’s it. People are so scared of anything different these days. Let people dress how they like and stop trying to find a reason why and make them out to be bad people because of it. Everyones reason is different! We get enough crap off people in the streets for our clothing of choice, the meida just help fire up the abuse.
Porcelain Princess: I’m a lifestyle lolita who wears loli clothing every day at school and I don’t agree with this post. I think lolita is a reaction to the hypersexualisation of our society. Tired of all these boobs exhibed, these asses shaked, that horrid hormone smell and all that violence era encouraged with the mainstream (video games, TV shows, G-Unit and all that crap), I wanted to reach an ideal of respect, beauty and culture, like a Quest of Perfection or at least decency in my point of view. Lolita is the opposite of drugs (eventhough the link with Alice in Wonderland), violence (it depends), hypersexualisation, alcohol (we want to be proper, not to be drunk and show ourselves in a vulgar way), well, mediocrity. Yes, lolita are afraid of mediocrity. But again, it’s my opinion.
Andie: i am a lolita and it is really more of a way of life and looking at things. fashion and style are a big part of it, but it, in it’s essence represents a bold statement of freedom. a statement of denial of traditional ways of being, taking the best essence of the past and combining to make new ground. a new way of being.
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