By Katie Shafiei

Color on the Street: Pretty in Pink

Oct 02 2012: Is it already spring? Not quite… Winter isn’t even here yet! But our Tokyo fashionistas are turning into little pink cherry blossoms to send any overly enthusiastic early winter blues packing

Leanne: Ah, there’s so much pink around, esp in hair colour. My award goes to the girl with the ash brown/blonde hair with blue underneath for being different!
Lem: Pink tops for ladies seem to be everyone’s favorite. You have there some awesome photos.
Cecil in rome: Nice photos!

Color on the Street: Black is the New Black

Sep 18 2012: The Non-Color Black might be one of the most controversial colors there is. It stands for a wide variety from positive to negative things. But without a question it’s a very striking color, that will always get people’s attention.

Jasmine: I really like the spiked black jacket. The dresses are nice too.
Lactose Intoler-Art: I really love it when it is used as the majority color, but as a base to express more colorful tones.
Lloyd Lim: Awesome blog post!

Color on the Street: Pure White

Sep 04 2012: Few colors have as much symbolism as white. It stands for purity, cleanliness, and innocence. It is associated with peace, and royalty. After Queen Victoria wore a white wedding gown in 1840, white became the undisputed color for weddings. In Asia, white traditionally stands for death, funerals and mourning…

Lord Stardust: I really wish I could wear white… it always looks so stylish! But everytime I use white, I spill coffee all over it haha! XD

Color on the Street: Pure White (Harajuku, Tokyo)

Color on the Street: Evergreens

Aug 21 2012: Green makes you feel fresh and bright in Japan’s midsummer heat

Kjeld Duits: @Maria: That is indeed Hirari, see her shoot here.
Maria: Nice! Bright neon-like green is everywhere hehe ^^ Hey! Is that a snap I had never seen? Is that Hirari with a tiger on the background?
Maria Z.: I like clothes with colours like this, are very funny.Maria Z.

Color on the Street: Summer Blues

Aug 07 2012: Tokyo is trying to cool down a bit with a breeze of fresh blue in this hot summer.

Burberry outlet: I searched for something completely different, but found your website! And have to say thanks. Nice read. Will come back.

Colors on the Street: Rays of Yellow

Jul 24 2012: Tokyo’s getting ready for summer! Like little sunny rays of light, yellow bits and bobs are brightening up Tokyo’s cityscape

Steve (Living in Japan): I think Japanese really likes summer for they can show off the fashion they want and wear anything that will make them feel cool. Even I myself love summer.
Fumi: I’m still amazed over how you found these kids. Amazing where they find all their gear.
ZAOZAO: Harajuku is one of my all-time favorite places to pick up great statement pieces (rings, hair accessories, etc) that don’t necessarily require crazy makeup nor purple hair to pull off.

Yellow Color Trends in Harajuku

Color on the Street: Carefree Beige

Jul 10 2012: What do you wear when it rains days on end? Blue and grey are too dark. Red and purple too bright. Natural carefree beige to the rescue!

Japanese fashion colors: beige

Color on the Street: Spiritual Purple

Jun 26 2012: The high-priestesses of Tokyo street fashion are embracing purple bits and pieces in all shades

ElysiaB: O my goodness I love these photo’s! great styles! just dyed my hair white blonde with pastel pink underneath n in bangs pretty awesome!
Liza: I love purple<3, I just dye my hair that color haha I think is beautiful :)

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