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School bans four students with shaved eyebrows from opening day ceremony

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The Mainichi Shinbun reports today that four new junior high school students were banned from attending an opening day ceremony at a school in Kagoshima in April because they had shaved their eyebrows.

Officials from the Hishikari Junior High School said the four girls were excluded from the ceremony because “We wanted to show them how important it is to stick to the rules.”

The officials decided that shaved or short eyebrows were unacceptable.

“In a pre-enrollment meeting, I explained the school’s requirements regarding appearance and uniforms, but they did not abide by these instructions, so I decided that it would be difficult for the four to take part,” principal Toshinori Hoka was quoted in the article.

The girls were made to wait outside during the ceremony. They were allowed to take part in all other events that day to mark their entrance into junior high school

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Comment (日本語もOK)

what in the world does shaved eyebrows have to do with their education? funny how schools care about the way you look but dont care about whether or not a student is not understanding the ciriculum. (i hate spelling. sorry)
Jun 22, 2005 (6179 days ago)
Yes, you are right. But Japanese education is less about teaching particular subjects than about making their students members of “Japanese society”.
Kjeld Duits (author)
Jun 22, 2005 (6178 days ago)
Agreed. But I imagine Japan is similar to Britain and some schools stricter than others, plus the students portray an image on the school (hence why one of my friends got suspended for a few days at the end of term for dying his hair blue).
Aug 10, 2005 (6130 days ago)
Why are they shaving their eyebrows anyway? Nothing screams “drag-queen” to me more than a drawn-on eyebrow. That is, assuming they are drawing one in its place…
Aug 30, 2005 (6109 days ago)
They only shave them. There is no drawing…
Kjeld Duits (author)
Aug 30, 2005 (6109 days ago)


Sep 18, 2006 (5725 days ago)

What the effin’ heck does that even got to do with education? How gay.

Oct 10, 2006 (5703 days ago)

i think shaving ur eyebrows is a stupid thing to do. u know i dont get y gurls do it? But thst is their own choice to do that to themselves. so i think that they should jus let them be!!!!

Jan 13, 2007 (5609 days ago)

some grlz (like me) r very insecure about thier eyebrows

Apr 20, 2007 (5512 days ago)

Stupid thing I would say. The schools seem to be influencing the way fashion is evolving in japan in a very COMUNIST way. The only one who should decide if one should shave their eyebrows is only that person, and not someone who should just take care of the students education.
It is so normal for girls to shave their eyebrows. I’m very dissapointed about this.

May 14, 2007 (5487 days ago)

Visual kei artists and idol singers do this as well, so I assume this is why the girls do it, and the schools ban it?

Just a thought.

May 20, 2007 (5481 days ago)

how stupid.
i used to shave my eyebrows too.
and it has nothing to do with education, they never banned me from anything. most people said it looked pretty. so what’s that schools problem?

Jun 2, 2007 (5468 days ago)

That’s ridiculous.
What they look like shouldn’t have to effect their education or make them excluded from events.
What a tight ass school.

Jun 11, 2007 (5460 days ago)

They usually deem that kind of thing as distracting. That’s why schools ban things like that and certain hairstyles and colors. It’s really stupid though, because it doesn’t even cause a distraction. Maybe the first day, but it’s the same thing when someone gets a haircut.

I find it more distracting to see a girl with five layers of makeup caked on their face, then some strange hairstyle/color/lack of eyebrows (all of which friends have done)

It’s really pathetic, because all it really teaches is that being creative, unique, and expressive is wrong.

Jun 11, 2007 (5459 days ago)

stupid. crazy.

Jan 13, 2009 (4877 days ago)

I used to shave my eyebrows, but its only because I couldn’t afford to get them done properly. If the girls were smart they would just cut themselves a fringe to cover where you shaved your eyebrows. It worked for me. Except I looked retarted.

May 24, 2009 (4746 days ago)

Is it like…a status thing?
I thought it was just fashionable. Some schools are just too strict…I like the subtle differences in people

Sep 13, 2009 (4634 days ago)

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