The 10 Best Books about Traditional Japanese Colors

Books about traditional Japanese colors

Following our series on traditional Japanese colors, here is a list of recommended books.

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There are countless books on traditional Japanese colors; almost all, if not all, of them in Japanese. Even if you don’t read Japanese, you will find the photos and drawings extremely inspiring. I can spend many many hours looking at them!

The books on this list link to Amazon Japan. Even though Amazon Japan is in Japanese, you can order in English. In the right column of each product page, you will find a link titled Click here to see in English. Easy does it!

The list:

日本の配色, Nihon Haishoku

1. Japanese Color Palette (日本の配色, Nihon Haishoku)

日本の伝統色, Nihon no Dento Iro

2. The Traditional Colors of Japan (日本の伝統色, Nihon no Dento Iro)

定本和の色事典,Teihon Wa no Irojiten

3. Authentic Japanese Color Encyclopedia (定本和の色事典,Teihon Wa no Irojiten)

日本の伝統色配色とかさねの事典, Nihon no Dento Iro Haishoku Jiten

4. Encyclopedia of the Traditional Japanese Color Palette (日本の伝統色配色とかさねの事典, Nihon no Dento Iro Haishoku Jiten)

和ごころ素材集―江戸の文様と伝統色, Wagokoro Sozaishu—Edo no Monyo to Dentou Iro

5. Compilation of Japanese Style — Traditional Edo Patterns and Colors (和ごころ素材集―江戸の文様と伝統色, Wagokoro Sozaishu—Edo no Monyo to Dentou Iro)

着物と日本の色, Kimono to Nihon no Iro

6. Kimono and Japanese Colors (着物と日本の色, Kimono to Nihon no Iro)

染と織の文様, Some to Ori no Monyo

7. Pattern of Dye and Weaving (染と織の文様, Some to Ori no Monyo)

かさねの色目―平安の配彩美, Kasane no Irome—Heian no Haisaibi

8. Layered Colors (かさねの色目―平安の配彩美, Kasane no Irome—Heian no Haisaibi)

京の色事典330, Miyako no Iro Jiten 330

9. Encyclopedia of Kyoto Colors 330 (京の色事典330, Miyako no Iro Jiten 330)

日本の色, Nihon no Iro

10. Japanese Colors (日本の色, Nihon no Iro)

Recommended by 5amjetaime: (Thanks!)

すぐわかる日本の伝統色, Sugu Wakaru Nihon no Dento Iro

11. Easy to Understand Traditional Japanese Colors (すぐわかる日本の伝統色, Sugu Wakaru Nihon no Dento Iro)

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Comment (日本語もOK)

thank you for sharing!

Jul 6, 2010 (4225 days ago)

{hi from california!} this is a great post! i’ve studied japanese art history before and i’d also like to recommend {すぐわかる日本の伝統色} by {福田邦夫, fukuda kunio} which i’ve been referencing to a lot…{ i love japanese colors^__^} i’ve just started my {design blog} on asian fashion, wondering if you would be interested in exchanging link roll with my site? if not, that’s totally fine. i’m still a fan of japanese streets!

Jul 7, 2010 (4224 days ago)

@Misato: Glad you like the list!

@5amjetaime: Thanks for the suggestion. I have added the book to the list. I just visited your blog and love what you’re doing. Your entry on old fashion photography inspired me; I have several books with photos of pre-war fashion photography. The photos are awesome, very elegant and the women often appear mysterious and unreachable. I’d love to exchange links. I will send you an e-mail with the required sizes for the banner.

Kjeld Duits (author)
Jul 7, 2010 (4224 days ago)

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