Alien Encounters

Part 1 of an intriguing interview with the star of the Ichigo Seijin range, the alien himself. A peculiar insight into the extraterrestrial, Japan-based character’s life.

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Ichigo Seijin (ichigo meaning strawberry, seijin meaning alien) is a quirky, space traveling character created by Japanese design team, Hirooka San and Tashiro San. When we approached the designers of the Ichigo Seijin (Strawberry Alien) range to interview them, they thought it would be best if we directed our questions directly to the character himself. This week and next we will share some of the out of this world answers we got from interviewing a strawberry headed alien.

ichigo seijin buddha
Serene Seijin – even Strawberry Aliens need spiritual leaders.

Deanne: You appear to be a playful character, how would you describe your personality?

Ichigo Seijin: Well I guess I would have to say I am a pretty normal kind of guy. I am serious minded and work very hard which can have it’s advantages and disadvantages. I also know how to be chilled out though, my life is all about love and peace. Like most aliens I come in peace.

My mantras are “you can do it” and “from little things big things grow”

I eat a lot, sleep well and work hard, or so my friends tell me.

ichigo seijin bento
Alien Bento Bag not just for aliens

Deanne: Where were you born?

Ichigo Seijin: I was born on Ichigo Wakuse (planet strawberry)

ichigo seijin bottle
Strawberry Alien Accessories keeping you organized the extraterrestrial way

Deanne: Did you come to Earth alone or do you have a family with you?

Ichigo Seijin: I am alone on this planet but I am not lonely. I run, dance and dress up. I like to print my image on material things as a record of my experiences, so I never forget the past.

I do have a family but they still live on Ichigo Wakuse. My dad loves ships, my mum is a singer, my younger brother is very chilled and my aunt is so funky. I miss them.

ichigo seijin tee
Full Frontal Alien a record of experiences

Deanne: In Japan it is believed that a person’s blood type is linked closely to personality type. What is your blood type?

Ichigo Seijin: To be honest, I have no idea what my blood type is. My friends tell me they think that I am AB. In Japan that means I am either unusual or a genius. I wonder which one my friends think of me as, unusual or genius?

Stay tuned for more adventures of Ichigo Seijin next week…


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haha i liked this interview, not to fond of strawberries though… /:

Sep 11, 2009 (4721 days ago)

Cool! It would be awesome if he really was an alien! I really like his answers.

Sep 11, 2009 (4721 days ago)

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