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60910-6588.1 - Succubus fashion designer Bambi

Japanese fashion designer Bambi makes clothes that makes women stare at themselves in the mirror. Her brand Succubus is sexy written in big capital letters.

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Succubus is a bit of fetishism mixed with gothic and fashionable bondage influences. It makes women look sexy without making them sex objects. Succubus is a declaration of female sexual independence. It is a brand for women who celebrate their sexuality and femininity for their own inherent qualities, not because men desire them. Actually 80% of Succubus clients are women, usually in their 20s and 30s.

Succubus fashion designer Bambi
Succubus designer Bambi

“Most of our customers buy these clothes because they themselves want to wear them,” says Bambi. That is exactly what she hopes for. “Instead of women buying clothes because men think they are erotic,” explains the charismatic fashion designer, “I want to design clothes that women themselves want to wear.”

That is no simple job with the kind of clothes that Bambi designs. “With this kind of special clothing, a designer walks a very thin line that turns a creation either into fashion or something merely gaudy. I want to make clothes that makes women look sexy. Not sexy as in ‘sex’, but a fashionable sexiness. When people see my clothes, instead of them thinking erotic thoughts, I want them to think, ‘wow, beautiful.’”

Succubus Fetish Fashion

Succubus is sold by the Tokyo based company Asian Drug Group. Started in 1994, the company originally sold creams for massage and aroma therapy products. In 2002, it started the cosplay fashion brand Crazy Nurse. Bambi joined Asian Drug Group in Summer 2004 as a designer for Crazy Nurse.

Crazy Nurse is very moe. “I wanted to do something more fetish,” recalls Bambi, “so I talked with my boss and we started Succubus in December 2005.”

The clothes that Bambi designs are part of herself, she says. “It is part of my daily life. To me it is normal to wear these kind of clothes. It is my reality. I wear them because they are fun. When I wear them, I enjoy myself, I feel feminine, I feel more beautiful.”

Succubus Fetish Fashion

Succubus creations are made of PVC, fake leather, lace and tulle. They are extremely difficult to create. “There are very few factories that can make these clothes,” explains Bambi. “I had to contact some 200 companies before I finally found one that could do this.”

Amazingly, the company that agreed to take on the challenge made very common clothing. Nothing like Bambi’s creations. “When they saw my patterns, they had no idea which part was what. When they saw the finished product, they were so surprised. ‘You’re kidding,’ they said. You are going to sell this?’”

“For people who don’t go to clubs and events,” she continues, “it may be difficult to imagine where they can wear these kind of clothes. Many people actually ask me if this is cosplay. I always explain that it is fashion.”

Succubus Fetish Fashion

1 Succubus creations range from JPY 5,000 through 30,000. Although they are not yet sold outside Japan, the company will take orders from abroad.

2 Moe became especially popular after the story Densha Otoko became a hit. Until then it was seen more as an otaku thing.

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those clothes are great!!! I loved the corsets!!!

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Me too!

Kjeld Duits (author)
Jun 7, 2009 (4816 days ago)

Give me the models…Beautifuls

Sep 6, 2009 (4726 days ago)

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