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Where have we been? Since March 11, I have been covering the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan. Here are some of the things that I have seen there

Pray for Japan by Lactose Intoler-Art!
Sunday March 20, 2011
shoppingfromchina: God bless… the last picture really… I gotta say
noleggio monitor: All my thoughts to you and Japan. I send all my prayers there and hope all the best for the future. And I am doing prayer to god.
Kjeld Duits: Thank you very much, Ruth. Your words tough me deeply and encourage me a lot. As you may know from my public personal facebook page I have started to coordinate aid activities in the Japanese disaster are for the German aid organization DEMIRA. Today the first truck with vegetables and fruit arrived. Tomorrow another one will canned and packaged food, and a huge refrigerator/freezer will reach the city we’re helping. I wish I could do more, but DEMIRA’s funds are limited at the moment. Hopefully, they will get lots of new donations for this project. In other news, Emi went shooting, so in a few days I’ll be able to upload new images of street fashion again!