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Monday May 3, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SPRING 2010, girls
Emi Kusano


Style: Lolita

Skirt – N/A (KINJI)
Stuffed Animal – PANAMA BOY

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Blouse – PANAMA BOYJPY 2,000 | Skirt – N/A (KINJI) – JPY 2,000


Hair – Trunade – JPY 8,000 | Color Contact Lenses – N/A – JPY N/A


T-Shirt – QUOLOMOJPY 2,000 | Blouse – PANAMA BOYJPY 2,000 | Necklace – N/A – JPY N/A


Stuffed Animal – PANAMA BOYJPY 500


Bag – Disney – JPY 4,000


Shoes – N/A – (mother’s)


Hair Pin – N/A – (present)


Hair Accessory – N/A – JPY N/A


Watch – Disney – JPY N/A | Stuffed Animal – PANAMA BOYJPY 500


Phone – Disney Mobile – JPY N/A | Phone Accessory – N/A – JPY N/A

Emi Kusano About the Photographer

Emi Kusano spends most of her free time in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku. Both to hang out with friends and to shoot the latest trends. She also enjoys discovering small independent boutiques, vintage clothing shops and nicknack stores. Emi has just started as a photographer, but her work has already been published in Cosmopolitan.

Recent photos by Emi Kusano:

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Comment (日本語もOK)

awww she is like esence of cutness __ i love every piece she is wearing :)

May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)

omg she looks 12

May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)

wow she looks like an anime character lol
she especially reminds me of Pu-chan from Gokinjo Monogatari, from her style to the fact that she’s practically wearing the stuffed animals haha

May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)

She really is adorable, isn’t she! I love the incredible softness of the colors.

Kjeld Duits
May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)


May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)

@nanaa: I think so too!

Kjeld Duits
May 3, 2010 (4489 days ago)

Cute! The eyes are a bit scary though!

May 3, 2010 (4488 days ago)

she is lovely!!!!!
i like her pink-blond hair, such candy-hair color..looks so, ne
and her eyes are cute too, not scary at all..

May 4, 2010 (4488 days ago)

she is so lovely

May 4, 2010 (4488 days ago)

@ ojisanbaka: candy-hair color, I like how you expressed that! I agree with you on the eyes, but I also can see why Mel might feel the eyes look a bit scary. Maybe the blue color on an Asian face plays a role in that?

Kjeld Duits
May 4, 2010 (4488 days ago)

omg, very cute , I love this, so kawaii , omg, pretty ! or, how we, the brazilians say : Fofa . 0

Maria Lina
May 5, 2010 (4487 days ago)

@Maria: Glad you like this look, Maria. Is fashion like this available in Brazil?

Kjeld Duits
May 5, 2010 (4487 days ago)

Isn’t she adorable? She told me the concept of her fashion is baby girl in pajama ;)

Emi Kusano
May 5, 2010 (4486 days ago)

Baby girl in pajamas? I think she succeeded!

Kjeld Duits
May 5, 2010 (4486 days ago)

You could think that she is a cute lolita-doll..what a beautiful girl! <3
I wish more people would walk around like this where I live…:(

May 5, 2010 (4486 days ago)

It’s like something right out of an anime. So beautiful and unique. _

May 6, 2010 (4486 days ago)

Her look has a lovely innocent charm and I think the blue eyes and blond hair compliment her look very well ^^ I wonder if her parents can even recognize her with the contact lenses and blond wig – it’s quite of a transformation ;D

May 7, 2010 (4485 days ago)

@Sophie: Interesting point. I often ask the people that I shoot how their parents react to their style. The invariable response is almost always that they accept it wholeheartedly. Many girls actually go shopping with their mother. I especially see girls in lolita fashion often on shopping trips with their mum.

Kjeld Duits
May 7, 2010 (4485 days ago)

she reminds me the character yuu from the manga “love junkies” (ren-ai junkie).

May 11, 2010 (4481 days ago)

I have to keep telling myself that she’s Japanese. No matter the fact that her facial features are Japanese, the blonde hair, blue contacts, and rosiness of her cheeks cause my eyes to deceive my mind into believing she’s white….

Jun 25, 2010 (4435 days ago)

She’s so pretty! I love the small changes of her mouth in pic 2 and 3! Makes her look even more innocent and childlike!

Jul 29, 2010 (4402 days ago)

@kinostreet: Yes, it does. She is adorable.

Kjeld Duits
Jul 29, 2010 (4402 days ago)

I’d say she was an angel, but she looks more like the adorable queen of angels~ it’s… almost too much adorableness to take in, really <3 my goodness, I love this

Oct 27, 2010 (4312 days ago)

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