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Thursday April 29, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SPRING 2010, girls
Emi Kusano


Style: Casual

Cardigan – UNIQLO
T-Shirt – N/A

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Skirt – JEANASISJPY 6,000


Cardigan – UNIQLOJPY 2,000 | T-Shirt – N/A – JPY 500 | Backpack – N/A – JPY 1,000


Hair – N/A – N/A


Watch – ZUCCAJPY 17,000


Phone – N/A – N/A


Sneakers – Converse – JPY 6,000

Emi Kusano About the Photographer

Emi Kusano spends most of her free time in Tokyo's trendy Harajuku. Both to hang out with friends and to shoot the latest trends. She also enjoys discovering small independent boutiques, vintage clothing shops and nicknack stores. Emi has just started as a photographer, but her work has already been published in Cosmopolitan.

Recent photos by Emi Kusano:

Japanese fashionJapanese fashionJapanese fashionJapanese fashionJapanese fashionJapanese fashion

Comment (日本語もOK)

The red sweater is a perfect choice with that skirt, accenting all of the red flowers.

The site always updates right when I get home from school :] It’s nice to look here before starting homework.

Apr 29, 2010 (3513 days ago)

whoa! she’s stunning. Everything looks great!

Yah Rah
Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

@Arc: It was actually difficult to decide a time to upload the site that is good for people all over the world. I decided on 4:00 am Japan time. I figured that people in Asia would see the updates first thing in the morning, people on the US West Coast at 11:00 PM, on the East Coast at 2:00 PM, and people in Europe at 8:00 PM. But I totally forgot about Daylight Saving Time! I guess it now all arrives an hour later in countries where DST is used.

@Yah Rah: I agree. Hitomi is very stunning.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

Love the way she decorated her cell phone! I think I’m gonna ebay black vintage backpack now! haha

Lactose Intoler-Art
Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: That cell phone felt to me like a modern re-interpretation of Dadaism.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

@Kjeld Wow you really did put time in to think about it!

Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

@Arc: I tried to, but I forgot about DST!

Kjeld Duits
Apr 29, 2010 (3512 days ago)

wow the way they dress is very interestig mostly the guys though

Apr 30, 2010 (3512 days ago)

Is this a bag from Candy Stripper? I love their stuff. She has a good taste, obviously. :)

Apr 30, 2010 (3512 days ago)

@Berry: Yes, that’s a shopping bag from Candy Stripper. I always get extremely curious when I see people carrying shopping bags. I love asking the people that I shoot to show me what they have just bought. LOL

Kjeld Duits
Apr 30, 2010 (3511 days ago)

@Kjeld Duits: I’d do the same if I were you. I’m sure you usually discover interesting things in their bags. :)

Apr 30, 2010 (3511 days ago)

@Berry: Haha, I do! There is a good English word for people like us: “nosy.” LOL

Kjeld Duits
Apr 30, 2010 (3511 days ago)

@Kjeld Duits: Yeah, that describes me very well :D

May 1, 2010 (3511 days ago)

i like her haircut

May 4, 2010 (3508 days ago)

@Tofu: Yeah, that hairstyle does fit her face real well, doesn’t it!

Kjeld Duits
May 4, 2010 (3507 days ago)

I really love that skirt! But I think it would look better if it were short, but I think that’s a matter of personal taste (: I don’t like long skirts. And I’m sure she has the legs to pull of a shorter skirt :D

May 6, 2010 (3505 days ago)

@Jini: Sorry to have to disappoint you a little. Last summer maxi dresses were quite popular in Japan, so I think you may see lots of long skirts and dresses this coming summer season.

Kjeld Duits
May 6, 2010 (3505 days ago)

@Kjeld: np XD and I do love maxi dresses! But a long skirt doesn’t look nice to me.

May 10, 2010 (3501 days ago)

@Jini: I understand!

Kjeld Duits
May 10, 2010 (3501 days ago)

u’re so cute

May 19, 2010 (3492 days ago)

Am I the only one who doesn’t think she looks pure Japanese? I know I call it a lot, but seriously. Look at her. It’s her face structure and the paleness of her skin that lead me to believe this. Seriously, though. Am I the only one?

Jun 30, 2010 (3450 days ago)

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