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Wednesday April 21, 2010


harajuku, tokyo
SPRING 2010, girls


Coat – Sclap
Skirt – Sclap
Shoes – Sclap

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Coat – Sclap – JPY 1,000 | Skirt – Sclap – JPY 3,500


Hat – N/A (Bought in Okinawa) – JPY 4,000


Hair – GRAM (Okinawa) – JPY 13,000


Bag – 109 – JPY 500


Earrings – N/A – JPY 800 each


Rings – N/A (Bought in Singapore) – JPY 500 each




Belt – N/A – N/A


Earrings – N/A – JPY 800 each


Shoes – Sclap – N/A


Phone – au (Sony Ericsson S001) – JPY 40,000

Sony Ericsson S001

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Comment (日本語もOK)

I love her rings but I don’t think her shoes really go. :/

Apr 21, 2010 (4501 days ago)

@Dustheap: Interesting observation. I have mixed feelings about the shoes myself. I actually like them, especially how the black and white echos the black of the belt and the white of the skirt, but I am not so sure if the design fits this particular outfit. Love to hear what others think!

Kjeld Duits
Apr 21, 2010 (4501 days ago)

i agreed with dustheap

Apr 21, 2010 (4500 days ago)

I can’t bring myself to fully agree. I think they’re slightly mismatched with the belt because of the difference in shininess (the belt looks a bit patent to me). I’m with Kjeld on this one and I do like them (white buckles are a cool element).

Apr 21, 2010 (4500 days ago)

It’s becoming more and more interesting. Curious to see what other reactions we get!

Kjeld Duits
Apr 21, 2010 (4500 days ago)

the shoes are supercool! and her hair! i love! /id only remove decorations from her hat../
sony ericsson, good choice! haha

Apr 22, 2010 (4500 days ago)

@ojisanbaka: I thought the Sony Ericsson phone was pretty cool, so I added the additional images to Marie’s photos. It almost looks like she color-coordinated her phone to her clothes. (^_-)

Kjeld Duits
Apr 22, 2010 (4500 days ago)

Yui’s outfit has lots of really cool little details, like the vintage hat and her piercings, but I’m afraid I just can’t get over the “Crazy Grandmother” garments. >_<;

Apr 23, 2010 (4499 days ago)

@kagitsune: Grandmother Garments. I like that expression!

Kjeld Duits
Apr 23, 2010 (4499 days ago)

Off with the coat and the belt, change the socks but leave the interesting shoes! Hmm… and maybe a different bag. A purple one which matches her hair colour or a black and white one to match her shoes. Yeah, I think I would like this outfit better then. It’s hard to say though…

Apr 28, 2010 (4494 days ago)

@gionbaby: Interesting to see that you keep the shoes. Looking at the comments so far, there seems to be a strong dividing line on the shoes.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 28, 2010 (4494 days ago)

I love the shoes, the purple ring and hair, and hat the best!
@Kjeld Random question but would you happen to know a site or a way I could find someone interested in buying used clothing from the states? I have easy access to some stuff that would be super expensive in Tokyo (I’ve compared the prices after going) that I can get cheap cheap here! Thank you!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Apr 29, 2010 (4493 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: My first place to go would be Yahoo Japan Auction. I did a search for furugi (used clothing) in their clothing category and got 75,000 hits. Unfortunately, I believe that you need a Japanese address to open an account for selling (I am not 100% sure, though). Maybe you have a Japanese friend who can help you out with this and be your partner.

Kjeld Duits
Apr 29, 2010 (4493 days ago)

@Kjeld Duits, Thank you so much for the help! I didn’t know where else to ask, so thank you.

But to keep it on topic..I didn’t even really notice the skirt earlier! This style kind of reminds me of a twist on the 90’s FRUiTS magazine style! I wonder if that look is already starting to make a comback? I think if its remade, its ok, but I prefer the street style that you guys are shooting now as opposed to the stuff that fruits shot in the 90’s!

Lactose Intoler-Art
Apr 29, 2010 (4493 days ago)

@Lactose Intoler-Art: Thanks! Times change, but I must admit that I still I love Fruits. I did an interview with Shoichi Aoki (the photographer behind Fruits) way back in 2003…

Kjeld Duits
Apr 29, 2010 (4493 days ago)

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