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Wednesday December 1, 2010

Nagatake Uehara

harajuku, tokyo
AUTUMN 2010, guys


Jacket – N/A
Pants – N/A
Shoes – adidas

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Jacket – N/A – JPY 0 | Pants – N/A – (present)


Cap – (self-made) – JPY 2,000


Pants (front & back) – N/A – (present)


Bag – N/A – N/A


Phone – iPhone – JPY 60,000


Shoes – adidas – JPY 12,000


Detail of Jacket – N/A – JPY 0

Suggested Items for this Style

Black Knit Wrap Cap
Red Black Plaid Jacket
Apron Pants
Red High Top Sneakers

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Comment (日本語もOK)

At first glance I didn’t like that he matched everything, just black and red but then, I saw the pants, and OMG those pants! I WANT those pants!!! O_O

Dec 1, 2010 (4233 days ago)

I found some Comme des Garçons pants on ebay that are very similar. The starting bid is a bit high (but not bad at all for Comme des Garçons) and I don’t know if they’re your size…

Kjeld Duits
Dec 1, 2010 (4233 days ago)

Love it!! my fav colors and then those pants and the hat!!!!!! ahhh!!! love it!!!!!

Dec 1, 2010 (4232 days ago)

gorgeous – i love the hat. even if black and red is so boring here he looks amazing~

Dec 2, 2010 (4232 days ago)

Wow, this is unique.
And when it comes to these outfits, that is a very, VERY good thing! It is truly the pants that are the highlight of this outfit. They’re so cool! VERY unique! At first, my friend and I were like “whaaaa? he’s wearing a skirt????” And then we saw that it’s connected to the pants! Weird, awesome, cool, unique, etc! I think that this is another example of an outfit that could be basic (plaid hoodie, beanie hat, black pants, red high tops) but is made unique by certain elements such as the fact that the pants and beanie have different elements that aren’t usually there.

Dec 2, 2010 (4232 days ago)

Skorts? Skants? Not sure if the term applies to these, but beautifully designed regardless. The dual-color scheme makes it easy and not ‘weird.’ I also enjoy his iPhone wallpaper :)

Dec 3, 2010 (4231 days ago)

Manskirt fake-out! I was so psyched b/c I love manskirts. Not really sure how I feel about this. He looks fantastic in that first pic, though. Could’ve wiped his sweaty forehead.

Leah B.
Dec 3, 2010 (4231 days ago)

@Leah B.: I guess if you expect a manskirt, the apron skirt comes as kind of a disappointment. I really like them, though, I must admit. Check out the crossgender site I think you may like it.

Kjeld Duits
Dec 3, 2010 (4231 days ago)

@Kjeld This link excites me greatly! Thank you! :) I don’t think disappointed is the right word at all. Just uncertain. Will require more pondering, I think.

Leah B.
Dec 3, 2010 (4230 days ago)

@Leah B.: Uncertain, like being in two minds? Like it on the one hand, but then there is also… That kind of feeling? Glad you like the link!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 3, 2010 (4230 days ago)

@Kjeld, well I can see the practical side of wearing this pair of pants, vs a skirt over pants. No having to hitch the skirt up to get into your back pocket, for example. :) But yeah… you’re covering my feeling on it pretty well. I dig the bag and the hoodie quite a bit. I think it’s just in opposition to my own personal style biases. Much like those pants that are straight-leg on one side, wide-leg on the other. I can appreciate the uniqueness, but I don’t love it.

Leah B.
Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

i love it !

Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

@Leah B.: Got your point. Comme des Garçons has quite a few creations like this, and I have seen it from quite a few other designers as well. I have really grown to like them myself and wouldn’t mind having a pair. But I think I’d prefer the apron to be shorter so it looks more like an apron and less than a skirt. This one makes the legs look so much shorter somehow…

@Tofu: Amazing photos on your blog!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

I love his plaid jacket it reminds me of old punk for some reason, now I want one, now where to find one in the states lol

Dec 4, 2010 (4230 days ago)

@Kui: We have been putting links at the bottom of the photos to help you find items like the ones shown in the photographs (see the links below Suggested Items for this Style above).

Here are some red and black plaid jackets for sale on ebay. Hope you find one you like. Have fun shopping!

Kjeld Duits
Dec 4, 2010 (4229 days ago)

this is just awesome, I love everything about the outfit ! (especially the jacket ;) )

Dec 27, 2010 (4207 days ago)

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