JAPANESE STREETS offers 5 advertising channels

CHANNEL 1: Photo Blog (homepage!) & Blog

CHANNEL 2: Photo-Archive

CHANNEL 3: Fashion-Index: Brands

CHANNEL 4: Fashion-Index: Schools

CHANNEL 5: Fashion-Index: Magazines

Ads are displayed on both the list and individual pages. Click on the links above to see the list pages, then on any of the photos or titles to see an individual page.

You can select to advertise in all channels, a single channel, or a combination.

This is great if you want to target your ad. Say for example that you are a fashion or beauty school. Place your ad in Fashion-Index: Schools. This is where people are looking for schools, so your click through rate should be noticeably higher in this section.

Don’t limit yourself to a single channel. Reinforce your message by targeting a few additional channels.

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