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Shirt – Yohji Yamamoto (remade)
Pants – N/A

Saturday June 29, 2013
(: Monik :): Electrifying… just like white canvas right before the painter starts his piece of art…
Mimi chan: Oh gosh, he’s gorgeous! His face is beautiful…
Kjeld Duits: @Amber: I really liked the paint on the shirt. And then I saw it was a Yohji Yamamoto shirt… The hamburger cruncher came on top of that. ^^


Blouse – Amour
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – Shimamura

Thursday March 21, 2013
María: She’s like a doll! So pretty~
Emma: Her smiling photo really brightened up my day! The outfit is so well put together and her make-up is really great too.
Kjeld Duits: @Weronika: Love to surprise, Weronika. I’ll keep my eyes wide open for more of them. ^^


Hat – (self)
Jacket – N/A
Blouse – N/A
Vest (blue/pink)
Jacket (beige)
Skirt – (self)
Shoes – EXCEL

Wednesday February 6, 2013
Kjeld Duits: Yes, lots of details here. But it doesn’t feel crowded at all.
María: The muffler is so cute, like out from a children anime ^^ She even added an accessory to her shoes, so many details! :O
Lillian(SewOverdressed): Wow! Her hair colour is so unique and amazing, and I love the little lace & quilting details. :D


Shoes – N/A

Thursday November 1, 2012
Dörrie Banana: Thanks for the tip Kjeld, I’ll try that! Didn’t know there were ways to bypass the blocking. Yeah, the GEMA blocks like half the musicvideos on youtube (at least thats how it seems to me, I have no concrete numbers). Makes me forget I’m supposed to live in a democracy. I always wonder – They must have such a large number of staff only to look out for videos they have to block, so why not just use these people to go and get the rights? Also, the GEMA claims really huge taxes for clubs, restaurants etc, if they want to play licensed music in their establishments. Due to this, a lot of discos, especially little ones and in rural areas, have to close down because they can’t pay for the music anymore. Pretty sad :-(
Kjeld Duits: @Dörrie Banana: I didn’t know that GEMA was blocking YouTube videos in Germany. After reading your comment I looked it up. That really sucks. Have you tried hiding your IP, or using an IP proxy? Do a search for IP hiding.
Dörrie Banana: A really neat and unique dress indeed and combined with the belt and hair (and her beautiful face in general) a really round look. And she has a great taste in music! Immediately fell in love with that song. Really loving this new feature even though I can’t watch 80% of the videos (Screw you, GEMA!!)


Negligee – N/A
Skirt – (self)
Bolero – N/A
Shoes – N/A

120805-7477 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Milk, Angela)
Monday August 13, 2012
Carey: Very Cute Style… Love her frosted cherry earrings on her blog!
TANASHA: I am a lover of lace and this outfit is so cute down to the blue pearl & sequined shoes!
Maria: Such a sweet style! I especially like her earrings, her necklace and of course her phone cover! :3