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Fairy kei


Shirt – Cathy
Bedroom Gown – New York Joe
Apron – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – Bodyline

120303-7294: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Number 406, Cathy, New York Joe, Bodyline, rurumu)
Wednesday March 14, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Alexandra: Yes, the shoes are great. Usually Bodyline is seen as a cheap brand (both in price and looks), but they did a pretty good job on these shoes I feel. Especially if you consider the amazingly low price of 3,000 yen (about US$ 36 at current rates)!
Alexandra: I love her hair! Also, Shoe Watch Alert on the style. :P
Kjeld Duits: @Yu: Yes, the colors are genius. When I put together the color template on top of the page I realized how well Yuri had made her color choices. @Bento Boy: Thanks! Did you take all the images on your blog?


Cardigan – Auntie Rosa
Dress – NADIA

111104-7004: Alice-Miho-Shibuya-Tokyo-Auntie Rosa-NADIA-DOUBLE  DECKER-CALYPSO & Loquettes-okadaya-KAWI  JAMELE-MURUA
Wednesday December 7, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: I’ll keep my eyes open for more soft colors and textures!
busqueeloise: Nice dress.
Maria: I was missing watching some soft colors and textures like the ones on Alice-san n_n I love the ribbon on her hair and her bag <3 Her necklace and ring look like they came out of a CLAMP’s manga! Super cool!


Coat – N/A
Skirt – 6%DOKIDOKI

111103-6242:Kumamiki-Harajuku-Tokyo-NUMBER406-6%DOKIDOKI-TOKYO BOPPER-ShojonoTomo-SPINNS-party baby-Vivienne Westwood
Saturday November 26, 2011
Maria: @KD: Really? Then it’s great :D It was something to expect, most of the time she is wearing just those two brands n_n’
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: No ants. But also no Fairy Kei. I met Kumamiki at the Harajuku Fashion Walk today and took lots of photos of her again. This time, she was dressed in Fairy Kei, as usual. By the way, I believe that Kumamiki already does something with 6%DOKIDOKI.
Maria: @KD: Really? More ants on her make-up? :D Interesting, I am curious now. ^^ Btw, have you told her to launch a clothing line hand-to-hand with 6%dokidoki, it would be a blast. <3


• T-Shirt – 6%DOKIDOKI
• Skirt – 6%DOKIDOKI
• Sandals – N/A

110918-1341:Harajuku, Tokyo, 6%DOKIDOKI
Wednesday October 19, 2011
Maria: Everyone knows Yuka hehe Seeing her is like watching 6%dokidoki advertisement, it’s nice that being a model she still agrees to street shots n_n
Shanny: wow she’s like a human sorbet…FAB!
Kjeld Duits: @Julia: Thanks. I have adjusted the data above (it takes a few hours before it is displayed).


• Dress – 6%DOKIDOKI

110918-1206:Harajuku, Tokyo, NUMBER406, 6%DOKIDOKI, TOKYO BOPPER, party baby, Shojono Tomo
Tuesday October 11, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @DinjaDONUT: When I lived in the Netherlands I was beat up several times for how I dressed. I never let that stop me, though!
DinjaDONUT: Awwwwh she have an awesome style! Wish I could dress like that here in the Netherlands, but if I should wear it, all the people would stare too me and maybe they would laugh and points at me. People; never go to the Netherlands ><
SHOGO: She’s so pretty! This whole outfit is awesome <3