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Blouse – Mary Magdalene
Shoes – Comodo

111127-7499-AY: Harajuku-Tokyo-jujur-Mary Magdalene-BLACK PEACE NOW-Comodo-Q-pot.
Sunday December 11, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: Thank you for your clear explanations. I had gotten the impression that you felt that Lolita fashion itself was cheap-looking, but now I understand what you meant and I couldn’t agree more. There are a few brands that aren’t in the business for the love of the style and it shows in their products. It always hurts when I see people wearing such clothes.
MissMolly: @Kjeld Duits: Well definitely the quality of many off-brand lolita clothes leaves something to be desired. Not that BBTSSB, Metamorphoses, Victorian Maiden or similar name brands are the only ways to go. But I value quality over quantity, and so I’d rather see a very simple coordinate that’s quality materials anyday over a glitzy, sparkly, intricate coordinate that is sloppy or cheap fabrics etc. Now, if someone has the funds to do something intricate, and do it well, then by all means, because I love sweetloli or decora just as much as the next girl. ~
alireza: Heloo,i am alireza.what your name?