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les Briqu' a braque


Skirt – les Briqu’ a braque
Shoes – JORDAN

Saturday December 4, 2010
Keekii: The colors on her cardigan are really fresh and happy, it brightens up her outfit immensely! I think her tights are very cute with the feathers design and very unique too. I agree that the shoes look a bit out of place, but maybe she didn’t have any other pair to match with the outfit. I personally don’t own many pairs of shoes and sometimes you just don’t have those perfect shoes you think will go perfectly with your coordinate. I’ll never stop being amazed how the people you “snap” keep coming up with a new and original look each time. It’s amazing.
Kjeld Duits: @Etsune: Good luck! By the way, using asterisks before and after a word formats the word in bold, as you experienced above.If you want the asterisks to show, you need to add a space before and after the word. * like this * Click on the help link (below “Leave a Comment”) to see how the formatting works on JS.
Etsune: @Kjeld: Yes, I responded after your encouragement =) If I the shirt isn’t too expensive, then I will try to buy it. Maybe =) Thanks! You see? There goes ANOTHER thing I couldn’t have found without this site! beams