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Cap – ViVi
Shirt – N/A
Pants – REPLAY
Shoes – Dr.Martens

Wednesday July 15, 2015
bigm: the type of necklace he’s wearing seems to be popular again in all kinds of parts of the world :D
claire: I like the subtle silver eye makeup. For some reason it just really adds a lot to this look for me.


Jacket – INGNI
Blouse – CLEF DE SOL
Shorts – WEGO (shop)
Shoes – N/A

Monday July 21, 2014
HennaMackoin: So cute but also classy! :D I like the dots and I like the straigh-lined jacket and also those braids she has :3 It’s also nice how she has paid attention to all the small details such as bows :3
Kjeld Duits: @Gato: I may be easier in Japan, Gato, because people are used to street photographers here.
Gato: She is so very cute looks like a doll… how do you ask them to pose to your photos? I wanted to take photos of people in the park of my town and people reacted bad like I was going to steal them, nice to see your web site keep the good work.