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Blouse/ブラウス – ANAP
Shorts/ショーツ – ANAP

120702-0308 - Japanese street fashion in Shibuya, Tokyo (ANAP, Bunka Fashion College, Kutsushitaya, UNIVERSAL FREAKS)
Wednesday July 4, 2012
Maria: @Nyurah: I am very happy to read that you got encouraged! ^^ Remember there are always times when we get discouraged (just like KD wrote), but goals are never easy to achieve. Everytime I have a hard time with my grades (at both Japanese and university) I feel afraid of not being able to go where I want to go, but then I say to myself that I have talent (even if it is not true xD), so I can keep up.
Kjeld Duits: @Nyurah: Glad to hear that you are so encouraged after finding 5 four leaf clovers in 4 different places. But don’t leave things to chance, Nyurah. Make sure to work hard to make them happen, and believe in yourself and your ability to realize your goals. What you can achieve in life is only limited by how much you want and believe in it, how hard you work for it and how persistent you are. Work hard for it and keep on going. Even when you’re discouraged over and over. ^^ Looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo!
Kjeld Duits: @Leah: I really admire people who can put simple things like this together and make them work.