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Sou Sou


Kimono – N/A
Obi – N/A
Bag – Sybilla
Tabi – SOU SOU

Saturday June 8, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @Deadly Bite: SOU SOU is a Kyoto based company that combines the traditional with the modern in an extremely stylish way. I love their creations. You can see their products on the SOU SOU website.
Deadly Bite: Those tabi are amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that before O.o Wonderful modern approach to wearing a kimono :)))
Weronika: This is what I adore the most – traditional clothing with a modern touch :) Gosh, how much I love kimonos <3


Leggings – Monikoto
Kimono – N/A
Tabi – Sou Sou

120805-7525 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Monikoto, Sou Sou)
Tuesday August 14, 2012
Genta: This is a very good i like the style she is putting on
fatcatinthehat: Wow! Every single thing is so gorgeous! Great fashion sense, I hope I’ll see more of her looks in the future, she charmed me with her style.
Kjeld Duits: @nora: Yes, Nana smiles very disarmingly on the first shot, doesn’t she.


Coat – N/A
Pants – (used)
Shoes – SOU SOU

101211-8623-MT: Street fashion Harajuku, Tokyo, NOZOMI ISHIGURO, SOU・SOU, Vivienne Westwood, Undercover
Friday December 24, 2010
Aga: Striking and dramatic, this photo reminds me why I miss and need a dose of Harajuku.
Kjeld Duits: @Leah B. & Maria: Really happy you like Junichi’s looks so much! I hand’t noticed that the earrings actually match Junichi’s tabi shoes, Maria; you are right!
Maria: wow, he is from a different era! except for the shoes n_n’‘ Really like the whole thing, specially like it because I like all those brands xD So cool how his earring matches his shoes :D