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Cardigan – Teens Ever
Shirt & Skirt – BODYLINE
Shoes – Spinns

Saturday October 12, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @kaishiteru: Yes, Chisari leaves quite an impression!
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: The robo kiss video was a mistake, Maria. Several articles went up too early, before I had received the data from the people. So the articles still featured the generic video template… I fixed it within hours and it is fine now.
kaishiteru: Wow! Chisari-san is adorable, surely she’s not 24 years old…? Her outfit is the definition of “kawaii”, also loving the subtle hints of her not ..completely.. cute nature, with the bloody hands necklace and heart badge. BTW I love the second shot, her eyes pierced straight through me… :)


T-Shirt – FOREVER21
Pants – SPINNS

Sunday August 25, 2013
Kimi: Yes, very good look on Narumi!
Kjeld Duits: @Jenni: I feel the same way. This arrangement looks just perfect on Narumi.
Jenni: Lovely as always! I enjoy seeing Narumi in a simple outfit like this, and those high waist pants are just…wow! I also love those tattoo chokers so much.


T-Shirt – FIG & VIPER
Shorts – American Apparel
Shoes – YRU

130623-6092.1 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo.
Tuesday July 9, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @Juji: I can’ think of a better example of the Japanese philosophy of life, and the importance of harmony here. After Bhuddism entered Japan it encountered native beliefs that we now call Shintoism. The two ended up cooperating. Many Buddhist temple featured Shinto shrines to protect them. In Christian cultures, adherers of original believes were burned at the stake as witches and devil worshippers. Just imagine if at the entrance of Christian churches, there would be temples where native gods are worshipped in order to protect the church… That would be the original Japanese way. Actually, Christianity was welcomed with the same open arms in the 16th century. Until its worshippers were encouraged to burn down Buddhist temples, and its foreign leaders were feared to have political motives.
Juju: …A pentagram a crucifix and a bindi? I know they’re used solely as fashion accesories, but… Otherwise she seems really sweet and I LOVE her smiley piercing, it’s so unique!
Kjeld Duits: @Jenni: I ought to shoot Narumi every week. ^_-


T-Shirt – UNIQLO
Vest – Jane Marple
Skirt – SPINNS
Socks – Jane Marple
Sandals – Romantic Standard

Tuesday July 2, 2013
kelly: this is so cool
Kjeld Duits: @qiya an: ^^
Kjeld Duits: @María: Strange about the bag. This happens sometimes. I usually catch these errors before the article goes live, but missed this one. Glad you like the shot of the shoes! I wanted to try something different. ^^


Jacket – KINJI (shop)
Dress – SPINNS (shop)
Skirt – NADIA
Tights – NADIA
Shoes – Jóuetie

Sunday May 26, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @Amber: Yes, well said, cute with an edge. It’s a very feminine look, but the hair, make-up, tights and shoes give it some toughness.
Amber: @Kjeld: I agree with you. I like how everything is cute but also has a little edge. I would wear this outfit. :D
Kjeld Duits: @María: I thought that the top and the bag were a perfect match.