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Replica Black


Hat – Suguri
Blouse – Replica Black
Pants – Soaa
Shoes – Hio

110218-8380: Harajuku, Tokyo, Suguri, Replica Black, Soaa, Hio
Thursday March 3, 2011
Kjeld Duits: Hi Loreta, Both Aya and Uemura are common names in Japan. The Aya in this photograph was born in 1982, so it is impossible that she is the Aya that you met in Chichester…
Loreto: hello Aya, how are you?, I’m Loreto from Spain. May I ask you something personal?, Have you been in Chichester, England, in the 80’s?. I met Aya Uemura there when I was studying English and I’d like to hear from her.Thank you very much for your time.
Etsune: @Kjeld: I can see what you mean about the meadow and the lambs…Has she been wearing a skirt instead of pants, she would really have looked like a shepherdess to me…its sort of pretty and whimsical, in my opinion :D