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Jacket – blackmeans
Shirt – blackmeans
Pants – blackmeans×bcb

Sunday October 28, 2012
Kjeld Duits: @Maria, Mika, Amber: It is very interesting to see how Li Lium’s style is evolving. I’m curious how deep he’ll dive into this rock/biker look.
Amber: He has a very cool sense of style. I love all the little details in the outfit (and the leather)! It is a very interesting change from his other pictures. _
Mika: His color scheme in this outfit is awesome! My heart started beating a little faster just checking out all the details, like the gold and silver hardware , the bandanas, and the tiny splashes of red and blue he’s got. Nice щ(゚Д゚щ)


Hat – N/A
Jacket – ZARA
Skirt – American Apparel
Shoes – T.U.K

111103-6758: haruko-kubo-shinuya-tokyo-ray-ban-zara-american-apparel-t-u-k
Saturday December 3, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Perhaps buy the skirt online? American Apparel does have online shopping. I am not sure if they still have it, though.
Maria: Once again the hat n_n I’ve been wanting those skirts for a long time, I can’t find them here TT__TT I like her socks :)
Kjeld Duits: I notice that especially Haruko’s jacket is getting a lot of love. I liked how she combined the masculine jacket with the very feminine skirt. I have seen several of these masculine/feminine match-ups recently and I love them.


Coat – N/A
Pants – N/A
Boots – Dr.Martens

Tuesday November 16, 2010
Maria: @mai: so he takes photos at fashion shows, more reasons to be part of this blog ;D
mai: @ALL:Thank you for a lot of comments. @Laureliz&Julie:I will take the shot that took off sunglasses at similar situation (next chance). @Maria:He had a camera to take a photograph at the fashion show of his friend.
Etsune: @Darth: This site is so amazing! I’m glad that I was able to find it! Now, every day that I go on the computer, I check this site. I love being able to keep up. I love how inspirational this site is! I was going to ask you about why people at your university don’t wear shirts and boots, but then I saw on your twitter that you live in Spain. Although in all honesty, you can ignore that comment because it still doesn’t help me understand why people don’t wear them lol. I live in America…. Puedo hablar un poco espanol! Estoy aprendiendo Espanol a mi escuela. &thanks! Those boots are my babies! I wore them for the first time today, and I got many compliments! Had I never found Japanese Streets, I probably would have never got them…. I’m sorry you couldn’t find anything you liked, though…Maybe next time? And unfortunately, i don’t have a twitter. I have a facebook and a deviant art though. And an imvu.