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FASHION IN PROGRESS was a fashion show held by fashion students at @AVENUE A in Amerika Mura, Osaka

110221-0354: FASHION IN PROGRESS Fashion Show in Osaka
Thursday June 9, 2011
Kjeld Duits: Ryo Inaba actually organized the event. And yes, Nobu was part of it. As was Iccho. I shot some of the people who participated or attended on the street during short breaks and after the show finished. They were spread out over several days, so that each person would get the attention s/he deserved.
Asuka: great style!
Maria: @LI-A: True that! He is Nobu!


110221-0404: Osaka Street Fashion
Monday June 6, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @JolienS: Great!
JolienS: I finaly found a beige pair @Zara! They’re not exactly what I had in mind, but they were on SALES! (TuT)
Kjeld Duits: @Etsune: Glad you found it helpful, Etsune!


110221-0386: Japanese street fashion in Amerika Mura, Osaka
Sunday June 5, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: I admire Nobu’s courage. And it looks great!
Lactose Intoler-Art: Wow! He’s awesome. He really makes me want to mix as many textures and patterns as possible…With the challenge of somehow making it work. So cool.
Kjeld Duits: Yes, I think so, too.


Saturday June 4, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Asuka: Lolita, really?
Asuka: great, somehow he reminds me a bit of lolita =) I blame the hat
Kjeld Duits: @ Mel: Thanks. @Maria: I didn’t have much time to photograph him unfortunately, so there are no detail photos. I am afraid I don’t remember whether it was a bagback or a purse…


110221-0327: Osaka Street Fashion
Friday June 3, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @mika: And such a huge clothespin, too!
mika: i love the idea of a scarf held together by a clothespin! very witty.
Kjeld Duits: Yes, Sami basically live in the north of Scandinavia. Before there were borders, they roamed from Norway all the way to Russia. I actually bought the shoes while visiting Norway. I fell in love with the design and I really liked how they connected me with the earth and a basic lifestyle interconnected with nature. They were far more true and real than shoes designed by someone in an office and made in a factory.


Dress – N/A

110221-0320: Osaka Street Fashion
Thursday June 2, 2011
ilontry: its moroccan outfit – jellaba
Kjeld Duits: Ippei is a bit more shy than ICCHO, but I like his style. It is very mature in a way.
Lactose Intoler-Art: Ahhh ok, that makes sense. I’m familiar with ICCHO, but only knew of Ippei because of the photo here on JS. Cool!