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Nobara Takemoto


Style: Lolita

Blouse – Nobara Takemoto
Dress – Angelic Pretty
Shoes – Angelic Pretty

Saturday May 22, 2010
Ellie: @Sarah I’m a sweet lolita in the US, and yes, while I do get some weird looks, my experiences have been just fine! you might be surprised at just how many lolitas there are outside of japan! (look at egl on livejournal to get an idea) =] and omigosh she is just the cutest thing…. and is that really the price for her wig? because if so ><’‘ that’s a lot of money…..
Animeche: I totally love her style x3 She’s so sweet!!!!!!♥ Lolita rox♥
Kjeld Duits: @Sarah: Until the early 1990s, this kind of fashion was unimaginable in Japan, too. Times change. People change them.