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Martin Margiela


Jacket – Club22
Pants – N/A
Shoes – N/A

110911-9826: Harajuku, Tokyo, Okutani Corporation, Club22, UNIQLO, Martin Margiela
Tuesday September 13, 2011
Maria: @KD: oh, I guess I understand. His shoes reminded me of Jack Sparrow xD Nice! oh! thinking about it, his necklace can be related to piracy too :D
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: It also depends on how relaxed and well-rested I am. If there are many other people waiting for me to be shot, I tend to rush it a bit…
Maria: @KD: Everyone you shoot should do that. Sometimes there are things you do not focus, and then when we comment you notice you did not :/ But well, sometimes there are just too many things too shoot at n_n’‘


Pants – N/A
Boots – Martin Margiela

Monday July 4, 2011
Tobeinstyle: I love the pants. So much swag!
Kjeld Duits: @compassafe: Yes, I wonder about that a lot, too. The FRUIT OF THE LOOM I knew from the States was so uncool, but here I see lots of great stuff bearing their label.
compassafe: Has anyone been curious about the FRUIT OF THE LOOM Shirt? Or is FRUIT OF THE LOOM in Japan a different clothing brand from N.America? amazing style! love the Maison Martin Margiel boots <3


Jacket – F.A.T.
Pants – Aqril77
Shirt – Paul Smith
Shoes – N/A

Tuesday March 2, 2010
Mai Linh: I love the sunglasses. These reminds me lot of CL from 2NE1 and GD from Big Bang. Also the outfit looks like somethin the Big Bang members would wear. And the cellphone is really cool! This outfit is decent and still very fashionable.I like it +1
Kjeld Duits: @Rockit Danger: Thanks a lot for the info. I have adjusted the data above.
Rockit Danger: Shoes are Troop Pro-Models… use to be huge back in the Late 80’s early 90’s. LL Cool J and his crew was sponsored and was always decked out in the brand. Troop was recently relaunched by Rapper Nelly but failed… It is still sold in select stores in NYC, Los Angeles and Some shoe stores in Japan. Troop is known for the Gold shoe Accessories and the Elephant print. Word. Dude has fresh style.


Cardigan – N/A
Skirt – N/A
T-shirt – N/A
Shoes – Reebok

Saturday December 12, 2009
romy: the skirt and trainers reminds me of a cheerleader. i love her tattoos!
Kjeld Duits: Thanks Emi and Sophie for letting me know about the mistaken image. Both the mistake and Emi’s notice completely slipped by me. Fixed it now. Yes, she does remind me of a sailor too now that you mention it, Sophie. LOL
Sophie: The last picture confused me too! But I think her look reminds me of a sailor girl (she even got tattoos, like a real sailor!) she looks really cute. Her red lips match perfectly with her outfit too. A really complete sailor look ^^