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Jacket – Levi’s
Sweater – Forever21
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – Cheek

Wednesday January 2, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @MMS: Sorry, I searched but couldn’t find the info…
MMS: I really love those shoes! Does anyone know where I can buy them online?
Kjeld Duits: @Curious: There are lots of Japanese who have this done, too. But even more have natural double eyelids.

Jacket – Heritage Stone
Shorts – Levi’s
Shoes – N/A

111112-6721-AY: Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Phoenix, Heritage Stone, Levi's)
Monday January 2, 2012
Carey: That sucks! (–) I love them…..
Kjeld Duits: @Carey: So sorry, even Mika herself was not able to tell us…
Carey: Can someone please let me know what brand those stockings/tights are? Email me –


Top – N/A
Pants – Levi’s
Shoes – N/A

110220-9332: Harajuku, Tokyo, Levi's
Sunday February 20, 2011
Yukishou: It’s nothing crazy but it’s well put together, it’s an outfit that i can see thought put into but at the same time it’s something you can throw on and it’ll look good, i would def wear this. Stripes on the shirt and sweater make it really pop out but at the same time the grey and brown make it easy on the eyes and his hair just brings it all together, cool bag too. Though the sleeve length and hat make it look too boy-ish
Etsune: @Lactose: Hopefully, I will. But I know exactly what you are talking about… You see, on Thursday, I had to present an economics project. We had to make our own hypothetical business. Mine was a clothing boutique called Kaptain Kawaii that had asian style clothing and featured the Japanese fashion remakeover technique and other things. Since it was Japanese style, I went bold and decided to wear a mori girl outfit…. but it worked out well, because most people said it looked cute ^^ Generally, i DO dress out of the norm for what’s worn in the states anyway, but even THAT was out there for me. I find that there isn’t really anyone else at the school who dresses in the same way I do, but people generally don’t stare at me like I’m weird (though I likely draw more attention than the average student at my school). But maybe its easier for me to wear other things because I’m a female? What styles have you tried in your experiences, and how did people react? Now, i am curious…
Lactose Intoler-Art: @Etsune-You should totally do it! But its a bit harder to rock certain styles in the states from my experience, especially when compared to Tokyo. There’s a lot more common support there!


Fishnet Shirt – N/A
T-Shirt – Evaluated
Shorts – Levi’s
Tights – N/A
Bike – Coventry

Saturday August 7, 2010
dyna bada: androgynous look :)
Nini: She reminds me of Agyness Deyn… :)
Etsune: LOL! Wonder how many others thought the same thing! But still, it’s cool =)