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Jacket – F.A.T.
Pants – Aqril77
Shirt – Paul Smith
Shoes – N/A

Tuesday March 2, 2010
Mai Linh: I love the sunglasses. These reminds me lot of CL from 2NE1 and GD from Big Bang. Also the outfit looks like somethin the Big Bang members would wear. And the cellphone is really cool! This outfit is decent and still very fashionable.I like it +1
Kjeld Duits: @Rockit Danger: Thanks a lot for the info. I have adjusted the data above.
Rockit Danger: Shoes are Troop Pro-Models… use to be huge back in the Late 80’s early 90’s. LL Cool J and his crew was sponsored and was always decked out in the brand. Troop was recently relaunched by Rapper Nelly but failed… It is still sold in select stores in NYC, Los Angeles and Some shoe stores in Japan. Troop is known for the Gold shoe Accessories and the Elephant print. Word. Dude has fresh style.