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Former Tokyo based cybertech brand

Former super cool label FÖTUS (フェトウス) was started by fashion designer Masahiro Saito (1958) in September 1997. “Not to get rich. I just wanted to make something special,” Saito told JAPANESE STREETS during an interview in 2003 (published in Feb, 2004).

FÖTUS immediately found followers among DJ’s, musicians and their fans. Jiro of Glay, Miyavi, and the members of Pierrot fell in love with FÖTUS and so did their fans.

Most FÖTUS customers were between 16 and 25, more than half of them female. They needed courage to wear Saito’s clothes. “My favorite material is polyester, and I love neon colors, especially blue,” designed Saito explained in the same interview. That combination was guaranteed to make the wearer stand out in any crowd.

Saito also made use of cotton and nylon. Not all of his designs looked like bright neon lights. Many of his designs were in black. Not a subdued wallflower kind of black, but a black that shines back at you as if it were a color.

What Ferrari does to cars, Saito did to clothes. He gave them sharp sexy lines that transformed the wearer into a different being. Saito could take a traditional yukata (Summer kimono) and create something that made you look like you would blast off into space any moment.

FÖTUS clothes were straightforward, they accepted no ambiguity, they demanded ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from you.

The brand was unfortunately closed down some time ago, but used items can still be found on sites like Rakuten and eBay.

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