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Coat – Né-net
Ear Muffs – N/A
Muffler – SM2
Overalls – CHEROKEE
Shoes – N/A

Wednesday January 16, 2013
Kjeld Duits: @MissMolly: I love how Natsumi managed to repeat the colors in the scarf with her socks.
MissMolly: This is seriously so cute. I love the subtle color coordination with the socks, earmuffs, and clothes pin all in a same palette as the scarf. I need to get me one of those clothes pins. Also Natsumi is super pretty naturally sooo…. :)
Maria: @KD & Nyurah: Yes, I guess it’s like a mix of hair, make-up, colours and fabrics that look kinda French… @KD: I remembered they were like winter accesories and well, last winter was almost a year ago hehe ^^U