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Coat – N/A
Cardigan – N/A
Vest – N/A
Shirt – N/A
Pants – N/A
Shoes – N/A

110220-9738: Young fashionable man in Harajuku, Tokyo
Sunday March 6, 2011
Maria: I saw those pants on GD (kpop idol), Tatsuya looks better with them n_n
K de Corpse: The style deserves praise but the sizing is un-proportional and out of context, leaving much to be desire….rating 5/10.
Maria: @Etsune: awesome! thanks for the link! Indeed he is so into the Euro old style. :3 Love it! I thought of something Sherlock Holmes-like xD


Shirt – N/A
Cardigan – N/A
Skirt – N/A
Shoes – N/A

110220-9536: Man in Skirt in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tuesday March 1, 2011
K de Corpse: pushing for purity only to find chaos in the unnatural balance, the subtlety not played well in the color skirt. However the necklace is charming….rating 3/10.
Kjeld Duits: @Lactose Intoler-Art: My point is it would be nice to dress however you wanted and people could just admire you for your particular style instead of assuming other things about you! — Totally agree. The more people there are who have the courage to wear their own style, the closer that day will be.
Lactose Intoler-Art: I don’t know if he would get BEAT up where I live..But people would assume things about what he likes, what his hobbies are, who he dates, steryotype, steryotype. But what I like about Tokyo is that people don’t usually assume things about one’s sexuality just because of their style. My point is it would be nice to dress however you watned and people could just admire you for your particular style instead assuming other things about you! Haha


Muffler – N/A
Coat – N/A
Leggings – UNIQLO
Shoes – N/A

110220-9506: Harajuku, Tokyo, UNIQLO, Bohemian Fashion
Saturday February 26, 2011
princess gabunales: knit and fur…oh yeah..welcome to the dark side.
Yukishou: This is true, vintage is increasing in popularity,i mean lolita hit it big and now mori girl, individuality is important and i love that about j fashion.
Kjeld Duits: @Leah B.: One great advantage that Japanese fashionista’s have is the enormous number of fantastic used and vintage clothing stores. Within a 10 minute radius (on foot!) from the spot where I photographed Turaco, there are at least 10 of the very best of such shops.


Cardigan – N/A
Shirt – UNIQLO
Pants – Grn

110220-9457: Harajuku, Tokyo, UNIQLO, 39MART
Friday February 25, 2011
akio: Very nice!
K de Corpse: maturity with a spark of humor, dull in essence but hints of fun ultimately a cheeky attire…rating 8/10.
Yukishou: very casual chic, soft colors, besides the button up it’s all soft textures as well, the patterns on the cardigan and pants and the socks really make it a little more interesting with the splash of bright colors.


Jacket – Undercover
T-Shirt – Yaponskii
Shoes – George Cox

110220-9418: Harajuku, Tokyo, Undercover, Yaponskii, DIET BUTCHER, George Cox, Comme des Garçons
Tuesday February 22, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Maria: Hosaka works for Monomania, so he always has some of the edgiest things.
Maria: I like how he puts out the outfit, he could totally walk with it on a runway. I love that the color is only on the shoes. He has awesome and unique accesories too. Super cool ^^
Miato Moofa: I saw him in mint too! :D here:


Shirt – N/A
Vest – Casper John
Jacket – N/A
Pants – N/A
Boots – Scarpa

110220-9369: Harajuku, Tokyo, Levi's
Monday February 21, 2011
Kjeld Duits: @Edward: Unfortunately, I don’t. It was probably bought at a used clothing store… Thanks for loving JS!
Edward: @Kjeld Do you know where this bolo neck tie is from? I would really like to get one like this. Love the blog!
zbam: Tipe bak la?