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T-Shirt – Dress ‘N Dazzle
Pants – RNA
Shoes – PONY

Friday July 11, 2014
Mirabelle: Junyaaaa!!!! He’s so cool!! I love his fashion so much ^^
Anis: Thank you very much mr. Duits and MooMoo (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ you are very kind ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ⒽⓤⒼ❤ I’m going to do my best with her and if things don’t work out as I expect… I will have to wait to be an adult and go to <3 Japan <3. I Wish you all the best!!!
MooMoo: Awww Anis, you can always make friends that love your style and accept you for who you are :) Tell your mom that it’s no fun to live your life controlled by bullies :( Freedom of expression is your right.


Hat – Candy Noir
Harness – UNIQLO (self-modified)
Coat – Atelier Boz
Shirt – Atelier Boz
Pants – Black Peace Now
Boots – KADOYA

Sunday June 15, 2014
Kjeld Duits: @puuruuruu: Thank you. I think Hisahiro’s incredible attention to detail really makes this look.
puuruuruu: This outfit is gorgeous, all accessories go well with the clothing. The colors blend well and he looks drop-down gorgeous in these clothes.