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Sweater – Perfect Plan
Shorts – N/A
Tights – Outdoor
Shoes – Adidas

Sunday May 17, 2015
VeryBerry: What in the flipping heck, that is the coolest outfit I have ever seen. He must be very confident! Or am I mistaken, and this is actually on the more tame side of the spectrum for that area?


Tuesday May 5, 2015
Kjeld Duits: @Joffrey: Thank you. I hope to be able to shoot lots more. ^_-
Joffrey: This is so very beautiful. It’s got that touch of summer from its floral accents and use of fabric flowers, those warm late-springlike colors to go with the darker, almost plumish tones. I think he’s got a fantastic sense of palette, and I really love the creativity he has with the oyoroi, and how those pieces of armor just blend in with the choice of fabrics. Well-taken photograph! Thank you for sharing. Wouldn’t have seen anything like it if you hadn’t taken a picture and shared it. :)
Kjeld Duits: @Cath: Thank you, Cath. The next ARTiSM MARKET will take place on Sept 27. It will be held near Asakusa Station: Metropolitan Industrial trade center Taito-kan 6F at 2-6-5 Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection of Japanese fashion brand ato on March 18, 2014, in Tokyo.

Wednesday March 18, 2015
Kjeld Duits: @Nekoagogo: I think they will look great on women, too.
Nekoagogo: I love those tall boots! Me wants… but for women?


Dress – Né-net
Tights – One Piece and Tights
Shoes – Né-net

Thursday November 27, 2014
Kjeld Duits: @Carrott: Thanks for sharing that.
Carrott: “Great minds have purpose, others have wishes.” – quote on tights is taken from Washington Irving :) – I like it.
Kjeld Duits: @Yoel: Glad you like this look, Yoel! Here is the Né-net site, the brand that made the dress.