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Jacket – Cotton Candy
Skirt – Chicago (shop)
Shoes – N/A

Saturday October 17, 2009
Kjeld Duits: @Trinity: ^ _ ^
Trinity Cooper: @ Kjeld Duits: Thank you very much :)
Kjeld Duits: @Trinity: Chicago is actually the name of a store selling used clothing. Cotton Candy is the name of several brands (even a beauty store for dogs…) and I am unable to find the site of the company. But have a look for yourself what a search for Cotton Candy and fashion (in Japanese) delivers.


Stole – N/A
Cardigan – Coleini Imports
Dress – Hana to Guiter
Underskirt – N/A

Saturday October 17, 2009
Kjeld Duits: @Trinity: She does have wonderful hair. I actually like both short and long, and sometimes none. One of my friends shaved her head completely quite a while ago and it looked absolutely gorgeous on her. Then when it had grown back a little, she dyed the GI-like cut blonde, which interestingly accented her Japanese features perfectly. At the same time, I become lyrical when I see the photos of Japanese women in the 19th century, their raven-black, amazingly straight, hair reached to their loins. Totally bewitching!
Trinity Cooper: Her hair is gorgeous! Most girls have shorter hair, but I prefer long hair :P


Dress – Angelic Pretty
Shoes – Angelic Pretty

Saturday October 17, 2009
Jennifer: She is so cute~ I love her outfit! It is all so well coordinated. :)
Emma: This is so kawaii :3
Kjeld Duits: Hi Kendall. Kuru Kuru has an online shop. It has a section for long hair wigs. I hope you can read Japanese as there is no English on the site. Try using Google language tools.